Monday, June 30, 2008


Hannah I think was throwing a fit, but I thought these were just some cute random pictures:)

Then she got her shirt and her arm all tangled. She is so busy but we are so happy that she is that way!

We have grown ROOTS

Some may think this is silly but, Trent got a badge that says Salina City and his name on it!
This is the first time that this has happened for us so we (I guess just me) are kinda of excited!
Well I guess some people order them from all the departments they work for, but we haven't.
I LOVE Salina and the people that we have met so I would be happy to stay forever!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

You are Pocahantas!!

Free-spirited and wise. You have a strong passionate spirit that touches and changes all who know you. The wisdom and common sense that you have is really what guides you through life. Even so, you also have a very playful side that loves adventure and excitement.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The NEW and improved Lemonade Stand

Hope Gladwell got a lemonade stand and the girls thought it would be fun to try to sell some.
They are so cute and we are going to miss them when they leave!!

Hope Gladewell, Maddison Foote, and K'Leigh

They had such a fun day!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Home Evening

Us at the pool, yes I know!
Hannah LOVES to go off the diving board.
It was a little scary for me, but the smile on her face after is well worth it.

Daddy is always there, thank goodness! He is very willing to push the kids to the edge!
I would probably just make them stay right their in the baby pool!

K'Leigh jumped off the low dive with no life jacket. I was so nervous but one of my good friends was the life guard right there, Trent and I were also right their.

Look she DID IT!! She is such a good little swimmer:)
We love you so much!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another good time in the water!!

Our family enjoyed a night at the pool with the Rosquist,Seals and Heath family.
We were celebrating Dylan's Birthday.
We love all of our adopted family, it's nice when your away from all of your family, to have good stand ins.

This is McKay, I can not believe that he just picked up where he left off last year. He is even more mobile because he has grown a foot I swear!!
He loves to stay under water for as long as he can:)
K'leigh also loves the water! Maybe it is all the years at the lake.
My kids would not get out of the pool, they were all cleaned up and I thought I was on the way out the door and McKay jumps in one more time!! I think they have Gills that come out in the summer:)K'Leigh and her dad having a good old water fight!Hannah was a little bit of a stinker tonight. She thought she was so big, she went off the diving board, went down the slide so she thought, "I can get out of this floatie!"
Yes she pulled herself over to the wall and proceeds to get out of it! I have no idea what I am going to do with my three fish!:)
This is my kind of night swimming. Me and Hannah love holding Baby Dax!!
This Baby Dax or as some call him Fat Freddie!!
His real name is Fred Dax Rosquist
He is the most lovable, happiest baby I have ever seen.
Thanks for letting us play with your baby!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A day in the SUN

After our trip to see Grandpa Mike, we traveled down to Lehi. It was Garet's friend birthday party. I loved being with the family. It feels like we are never get to see them for very long, but there always great visits.
K'Leigh and Camry
I can not believe that they are three and half years apart.
They are such good friends and they are always so glad to see each other.
Garet, McKay and Jace
They are all three months apart starting with Mckay then Garet and then Jace. I love that my kids all have cousins to play with they love each other so much!!

It did not take long Hannah to find her Auntie Autumn. She and Maddie played in the baby pool together!
Uncle Trent and Jace had to catch some raze while they had a chance.
Grandma was always willing to help. She was so excited to see the kids and so were they.
We love seeing all of our family.

Visiting Grandpa Mike

Today we got to see Grandpa Mike. He is still just waiting, he is very sad that he is not able to go home before the transplant. Anyone that reads this post please take a moment to say a little prayer on our grandpa's behalf. We love him so much and are praying for him daily and hoping everything goes well! We love you and take care:)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grandpa and His new Blanket

This year once again Aunt Autumn came up with a great Father's Day idea for Mike. We all picked fabric that matched our personality and then embroider our names on the blocks.
It is something that he can use often, he is always cold!
Thank you to EVERYONE that helped make this come together so quickly. I love you all:)
Grandpa and Camry snuggling up!!
Keep fighting Grandpa, I know that it is hard. We love you so much and pray for you daily!! You are the strongest person we know:)

(I posted this for the sake of it being in my book. I know you all see it on the other family's, but memories are memories:)

Garden 2008

Trent my little gardner has started up again this year. I love that he likes to plant things and watch them grow. The kids would not have it any other way either. They are the best water helpers.
Six rows of corn!
All Bell Peppers! Any color and kind!
Only six tomato plants, he wanted more but I drew the line this year!
Nine rows of Peas!! This is me and the girls favorite part!! They are doing so good also!

He also has some crock neck squash, zuchinni, pumpkin plants. I think that is all. He is really acting shy about me blogging this but it is so fun to watch him get so excited over his growth:)
Love ya Honey:)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Softball Night

This week our big kids have been with Grandma and Grandpa Lyman . So it has just been the princess and she has been eating up all the attention.
We are so lucky to move to this small town and meet such wonderful friends. Trent got invited to play softball and flag football with all these great guys. Us girls love it cause we can get together and catch up on lost time!
Me and my girl! Please notice all three blankets, she was so naughty with them, she even pushed Mya (who is just barley one) down countless times to take them away from her. I guess this is my fault because I was always teased and got mine taken away when I was younger so I let them have them when ever and how ever they want them.
All of our friends have girls. They are so cute, they do all the little girl things, dollies, purses and phones. It was so much fun for little Hannah to play and be the little "girly" girl that she is. Poor McKay there is only one little boy and they usually are good to hang out when they are together!
Thank goodness he was not here tonight! Hannah would stand by the dug out and was pretty good to not go out on the field. She would sit there and she would YELL, DADDY! I thought it was very cute but I am not to sure any of the guys thought it was to cute!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

20 year Tag

20 Years Ago
I was eight years old and living in Cost Mesa, California. Just got baptized by my uncle Ron.

10 Years Ago
About to meet the man of my dreams. We did a lot of fun stuff together!
We Got married October 23, 1998
We went on awesome Honeymoon to Florida
We had a lot of fun nights with our friends and bomb fires, bunny chasing, and anything else we could think up to do:)

5 Years Ago
February 2003 we moved to Paradiseloved - Bullfrog Marina at Lake Powell!!
We had K'Leigh age three and McKay almost one !
It was fun to live by the water, we met a lot of wonderful people and a day does not go by that we do not think about it!!

3 Years Ago
We moved to Salina Utah
We were excited about having other kids for our kids to play with!
I was pregnant with Hannah.
We had a great time meeting all of our new wonderful friends.

1 year ago
I went to Kansas to see my baby sister Torri
Trent kept the kids for whole week by himself !
We spent a lot of time in the water anywhere and everywhere!

So far this year...
We went to Hawaii
K'Leigh finished up Second Grade, McKay finished up Kindergarten!
Hannah loves her mommy time !!
We are planning on spending a lot of time in the water again this year:)

Yesterday I....
Played with Hannah
Got ready for my big kids to come home from Grandparents house!!
Cleaned there room for them!

Today I....
Going to get my kids Ya!
Going to see Mike at the Hospital
Taking the kids swimming
Going home

Tomorrow I ......
Take kids swimming
Clean up after there vacation to grandma's
Mow my lawn
Weed the gravel

In the next year....
Try to help the family get a plan to get out of debt???
Love my kids every chance I can....
Try to be a better mother

Monday, June 16, 2008

A-Z Tag

A-Z Now You Know Me- I've been tagged :)
A: attatched or single? Attached for almost 10 yeARS
B: best friend? Autumn and Danyette
C: cake or pie? Cake
D: day of choice? Saturday
E: essential item? call phone
F: favorite color? Red
G: gummy bears or worms? Bears if they are cinnamon and chocolate covered
H: Hometown? Salina, Utah
I: favorite indulgence?Chocolate covered cinnamon Bears
J: January or July? Jul, love the heat!!
K: Kids? 3- two daughters-K'Leigh and Hannah, one boy- McKay
L: Life isn't complete without? My husband, my kids
M: marriage date? October 23, 1998
N: number of brothers and sisters? 1 Sister and 1 Brothers
O: oranges or apples? Apples
P: Phobias? Everything:)
Q: Quote? "You just need to have Faith"
R: reasons to smile? My family all of it, extended and close
S: season of choice? Summer
T: tag 3 people? anyone that wants to!
U: unknown fact about me? I am a worrier- haha
V: vegetable? Peas, especially fresh from the garden
W: worst habit? Worrying about everything
X: x-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasound, because babies are much better than broken bones.
Y: your favorite food? Mexican
Z: zodiac sign? Taurus

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

(For posterity sake, this is him staying up way too late with the kids to make K'Leigh a Valentines box. He truly is the best!!!)

Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world! He is always their when you need him!! He takes the best care of his children and me. He took days off work to take care of the kids while I was went to Girls camp, then drove with them up to see his dad. He is very involved in everything that is going on in our lives!! We love him so much and are so proud to call him dad and my loving husband!!

Happy Father's Day to all our Grandpa's, and Dad's. We love you and are very thankful for all that you guys do for our family.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

French Braids

Look who is a big girl now! I was at girls camp and Trent went North with the kids, so once again Auntie Autumn stepped in and played mommy. (She always does better than me anyways!)
She got the two year old monster to stay still long enough to get her hair in french braids.
I love them so much and I can not believe that she is that big!

I guess K'Leigh and Camry thought it was pretty neat that they all matched!
I am a little partial but she is pretty dang cute, and thank you to a wonderful Auntie for taking such good care of my kido's :)

Girls Camp 2008

This year they asked me to go to girls camp as the assistant camp director. I was more than happy to go, we were just going as a ward and so we only had about ten girls that went.
It was so much fun because two of my good friends also went as leaders, Misty Shaw and her beautiful baby Alivia. Then me and Danyette got to spend a lot of time together, with her leaving it was so special to spend these last few days with a wonderful friend.This is all of us after our three mile hike!
In this picture there are four leaders and six girls. It was kind of nice to have so many leaders.
We just happened to be at camp on Friday the 13th, we had a few interesting things happen, one of our girls had heat stroke and got very dehydrated then she had a seizure. She got a ride to the hospital in the ambulance. Then two people coming up for testimony meeting got pulled over. It was a little exciting but we are thankful Kurlayna is okay today.

Danyette, Alivia, Misty and Me. We had so much fun!!

This was last day and right before we went home!
We were so excited for showers and the warm weather!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mya's first birthday party

Today was another day to celebrate with our good friends the Gladwell's!
We love this family and are so blessed to have met them!
Maddison Foote, K'Leigh and Hope Gladwell
Hannah and McKay

Meeting Baby Alivia

I had not taken the kids over to see baby Alivia, because the germ problem. So at Mya's first birthday they got to see her and hold her.
McKay loved her SO much!
K'Leigh thought she was precious!
Hannah thought she was so cute and she did not even get jealous! Surprise! Surprise!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Our Final Girls Lunch with Danyette

Danyette and the rest of the Gladwell family is taking off on us, they are moving to Nashville so that Tweeb can pursue his singing career. I am not very happy about this seeing that she is one of the most important and loved people in my life! She is always there for me and we have had so many good memories over the past two years. I have adopted her as like a sister. It is going to be a rough day when they pull out of Salina.

The girls took this as an oppurtunity to go out to lunch at our favorite El Mexicano!

(Brittanee Memmott-sister, Tiff Quarnberg, Danyette)
Heather Hallows, Misty Shaw- sister
Amy Rosquist, Bree Bastian, Sandi Mason and Me!
This is also Little Alivia's first luncheon!