Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good entertainment

The birthday boy played with his sisters. They found some boxes and made huts! They had a great day!!
We just hung out at home and made cupcakes. Dad had to work all day and night. We had a good time playing with the neighbor kids and riding his new bike.

McKay got to pick his favorite meals all day I just thought I would share,
Breakfast: Pancakes in the shape of a rocket and Bacon
Lunch: Plain Peanut Butter sandwich
Dinner: Ramen Noodles ( I felt so bad, but that is what the kid wanted!)

Happy Birthday McKay

All McKay could think of that he wanted was a model rocket so that is what he got on his actual birthday! he loved it, the weather has not been cooperating so we have not been able to launch one yet. We will post the launching!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

McKay's Family party

McKay wanted to go to Chuk-E-Cheese for his birthday. So we decided to make it his family party. Grandpa and Grandma Halliday and Grandpa and Grandma Lyman got to be there it was great. All the cousins and family that could make it came also.
Grandpa and Grandma Halliday gave McKay a new bike. He loved it and thought it was very special because it had a water bottle.
Jace and his family gave him this Hot Wheels toy and they both knew that is what he wanted. As soon as he opened it McKay says," I've wanted this my whole life." Those two!!
He got "credit cards" from Uncle Corey, Aunt Jacci and Sophie. Uncle Jeff and Aunt Bonnie and family also gave him one. Thanks!! I am sure he will put them to good use.
Grandpa and Grandma Lyman gave McKay Sonic verses Mario Olympic games for his DS. This was a plan they made when Grandma was babysitting. He loved it!
Making the BIG wish! I can't believe that you are six years old now McKay!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our new Easter Clothes!

I could not get them all to look at the same time but they all looked so cute!! Thanks to the grandparents for getting them some new clothes.

Easter Morning

Happy Easter 2008
K'Leigh likes her baskets to be hidden and she loved what she got.McKay was just happy go lucky and he loved all the treats! He loved his game !

Hannah loved the easter celebrations. She thought candy for breakfast was a great idea.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

We were getting ready for this big day! It started at nine, so I should have had plenty of time for me to get their but I was two minutes late. I felt horrible, but since we kind of had an in we still got prizes and we had a good time. Thanks to dad for knowing the right people and helping them out.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

McKay's Last Wrestling Tournament

McKay loved his trophy and he got a ball cap!!!

This is Ryder Trapp and McKay he was his last competitor!
They are good buddies!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


McKay has been growing this hair for along time. I think that it started in the summer. I have been getting tired of it for a couple of weeks. I tried to do it for church on Sunday and it was next to impossible. So I started in on the dad and McKay about it and they drug there feet. The next day I said lets got to Walmart and do some stuff. Yes, I got it done. Mckay was okay about it, Trent almost teared up about it. Just kidding but he was very upset at me. One more thing when you asked McKay when he planned on cutting his hair, he would reply with, "For my first mission."This is Before

During (Notice dad in the background!)
The floor while this was going on! You would have thought I was cutting K'Leigh's hair.
Look at my handsome little boy! I love him both ways and yes we are well on our way back to long hair! Thanks for being a good sport Mckay and Trent. I love you both.

A Million Thank You's

I just wanted to take a minute and thank Mom and Dad for taking us on this amazing and once in a lifetime trip. It was great and it could have not went any more smoothly. We appreciate everything you guys do for us on a daily basis and are very grateful to have you as our Grandparents!!

Another HUGE thank you goes out to my mom and dad for taking care of my three "angels!" They loved it and they said they wanted my mom as their mom and me as their grandma. It was kind of sad but it made me feel good knowing they were happy.
I loved all the changes and cleaning that you also did. I think that you should come back! Ha Ha

We LOVE all our family and are SO grateful for all of you!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A wonderful trip to Hawaii


We just got home from nine wonderful days in O'ahu, Hawaii. It was an excellent trip!
The first night we ate at a very good place. It was just around the corner from our motel.

This was very special part of the trip for me. My Grandpa's ship U.S.S. Missouri is here and we got to see it.
Trent really thought he was tough!!

This is the place on the ship that the peace treaty was signed. My Grandfather was on the ship when it was signed!!


We watched this show and their was a whole bunch of different canoe's. They are representing different islands and places.This is a guy that had climbed a coconut treeAll the girls with the guy that can put fire out with his feet!
Me and Trent at the luau!!Me and Autumn waiting on all the other girls to take a pit stop!

Dole Plantation
Me and Trent on the "Cool" train!!
Look at this pineapple grow!

The guys had a good time playing frisbee on the beach. Trent and Ryan got a few cuts on the coral or something.
We got to see some sea turtles! It was a good day!

Helicopter Ride
I was real nervous and not so sure about this trip. I had a great time and loved seeing the island from the air.
This is a water fall that we saw from the air!

The Last Picture
All the girls on the ground in Phoneix, very tired and ready to be home!