Monday, August 27, 2007

McKay's first day of Kindergarten

McKay had another big day! He got to go to kindergaten. He was so excited! He was fine to go and everything was all good up until he asked if I was leaving? I said yes and the tears started to flow. I kept it all together and told him I would be here to pick him up right after shool and to look for K'Leigh. He was stilll crying when I left but Mrs. Brown had him and he was starting to calm down. Hopefully all goes well!

Mckay and Tinkerbell on his first day!

McKay and Hannah

(Hannah is loving being home alone!)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

McKay's Big Day !!!!

Today was probably one of McKay's best or at least funnest days in a long time. He learned how to ride a bike, caught a snake and got to see his dad coach his first high school football game. He loved all of it! I was the most excited about riding a bike because then he can keep up with all the other kids a lot easier then riding his scooter. I think that I owe a big thanks to his cousin Jace, I used him a lot in the whole experience. I would say, "Jace can ride a two wheeler and he is not even going to kindergarten." Then he was all game to do it for a day or two, then he lost interest. So I thought up a new plan, I told him he could keep a pet craw dad (baby lobster) for one week if he would ride a two wheeler. It worked!!!!! His dad and him went outside and it took his dad maybe five steps behind him before he was yelling, "Let Go!" It was very exciting!!
McKay loved it ! We discovered that his helmet is to small! We will making a trip to the store soon. He probably will have a few crashes in the next few days.

I was mowing the lawn today and this little rascal went squirming by me. I sure do hate these little guys so I started screaming for Trent to come and catch it and so he did. McKay still has it tonight. K'Leigh thinks she wants to take it for show and tell tommorow but she is a lot like me. We will see tommorow. Other big news in McKay's life is he will start kindergarten on Monday and he got the teacher he wanted, Mrs. Brown. This sure does make me and him more excited about the big day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Everyones Gotta have a third Child!

Tonight Trent got home after I had attempted to put the children to bed. Well the two older ones twisted his arm and had him read them each a story. Anyone that knows Trent with the kids knows that they did not have to work very hard. Little did he know I had just spent one hour reading with them. Hannah over heard all the commotion and demanded a little of her dad's attention also. So she got to get out of her bed and this is what she found unattended.

Yes this would be her dad's red popsicle in my pretty room!

She thought she would be "sneeky" and try to get out of sight. Her dad caught her and took it away. Well this is by far the biggest fit she has ever thrown. Oh yes we love her and can't imagine our lives with out her. I just think that we should all have a third child.

Every girl needs a good Pepsi

Hannah has a small problem! She loves her Pepsi almost as much as her mom does. She will follow it around and coaks for it until you give it to her. You also can not just let her have a drink she has to hold it all by herself. She is such a big girl.

I just think that we both might have to go to AA for Pepsi Aholics!

Today I heard the piano playing and so I went to see who it was and this is what I found. I think that she must have had a little help from her brother.

This is one of the cutest picture ever! I think that my girls are just a bunch of posers! They are always up for a good picture!

Our First Day of School!

Today was K'Leigh's first day of school! She is in Second grade and her teacher is Mrs.Bagley. She loves her a lot and seems to be having a great time with all her friends.

August 20,2007

K'Leigh is always up for a picture!

K'Leigh with the cutest puppy! She loves her puppy as much as school!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Girls Night Out

Tonight we went to Provo for baby Sophie's baby shower. We had a great time and we got to see the most beatiful baby. We can not believe how fast she has grown. Thanks for a good time everyone. Hannah loves her baby cousin Sophie! She even was willing to share ice cream with her.
K'Leigh had a great time with her cousin Camry and Aunt Jacci's little sisiter Torri!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Once again, Hannah gets another bump!

Hannah was playing with the big kids tonight. She was walking and did not see the step down and fell. She bloodied her lip and scratched her face. When I was holding her and cleaning her up she threw up. We are watching her closley to see if their is anything more to it. We are just a little concerned because to good falls in less a week. Being fifteen months is sure rough.

Our Night out at the Park!

We had Family Night with some of our friends! We had planned to go to the Moutain, but we got some rainy weather so we decided to go to the park instead. We BBQ and played and had a good time!

K'Leigh, McKay and Hope Gladwell playing around at the park!

K'Leigh was such a good little helper. This is one of her little friends named Mallory.

Hannah was constantly on the go trying to keep up with the big kids!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our Sandy Pool

Today the kids thought they would turn the hose on into the sand box. They were quite dirty but they had such a good time.

All the kids at there dirtiest!

Hannah is always up for a good mess!

K'Leigh may be dirty but she is still willing to strike a pose!

McKay being crazy!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hannah is always looking for a good Snack!

Hannah went and gave a cute smile to get some rasins from my friend Amy. She kept going up to everyone and getting snacks. Hannah is definitly our best eater. She is also always willing to share with her friends.

Our 2nd trip to Manti!

We thought we would invite some of moms friends and all their kids to enjoy in this great pool. We took all the kids that we could think of and went back to a great watering hole. K'Leigh and McKay got to take some kids that were there age and K'Leigh would not come around when the camera was out, so not much pictures of her. We still think she is the cutest little model around. The kids had a great time and I sure love watching the kids. I also got a chance to catch some sun! Can't beat watching the kids and the sun!

Monday, August 6, 2007

I Swear I do not beat my kids!

Hannah was walking in our bedroom and fell and hit the metal bed frame. It is definitly the worst boo boo yet! She has been pretty sad and uneasy on her feet all day since! She did not even want to get in the pool?!? We might have to change her last name! Ha Ha

Our Grandpa and Grandma came to visit!

We are so lucky! We got a short but sweet visit from our granparents. The kids sure love them and were so excited to see them. Grandpa looked better than expected and things hopefully will continue to go well for him.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

McKay Gets a Serious Goose Egg!

We went to the pool today, I know hard to believe! Mckay was playing around with his friend Dalton, then Dalton flew his head back and hit McKay in the head. Uh! Oh! The lifegaurds came over and checked him out and thought his eyes looked a little weird. I told them dad is an EMT and we will take him home and have him look at him. Then we were walking out and he feel and scraped his whole leg up. He is fine and just has more wounds to add to his scrapbook. That was our exciting day at the pool.

Hannah Tries to escape!

Hannah thought if Tinkerbell was not going to use the doggy door then she would. This is the second time when we were trying to get the picture. The first time she went out and no one was out their, so she just pound on door for us to come and get her.