Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our Big News
Yesterday, September 26, 2007,
We took the bottle and binky away!
We decided that now was better than waiting until she was older!
Me and Trent decided to go cold turkey, both at the same time!
She has done very well! She doesn't miss them half has bad as I miss her being a baby!
Hannah is so big!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tanya and K'Leigh's big day

Me and K'Leigh went on her field trip to the Auction and up to Maplegrove campground. It was alot of fun to have mommy-daughter time!
This is K'Leigh's partner for the day, Ross. They really liked the Auction, at least K'Leigh did!

Once we arrived at Maple Grove we had to go on a scavenger hunt. Part of it was to do a tree rubbing, I had no idea what that was. We soon found out though.
The kids working on their scavenger hunt packets.
Us at the end of day!

K'Leigh is always up for some posing!!

K'Leigh and her whole class!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

DOGGY DOOR DRAMA !!Hannah thought it was a good idea to let the stray cat in threw the doggy door!
I heard her giggling and I could not see her, so I went looking and this is what I found!
McKay and Tinkerbell thought this looked like fun. They had a lot fun.... I hope that this cat does not think I want him forever!

She of course had to sass me and let me know that she is still in complete control! She is very spoiled and loved! I know, I know remind me of this in tweleve years. It only gets better.

Every Girl needs a good Pepsi!

Ellie and Hannah have a lot in common. They both just love the pepsi and relaxing!
I think that we have our hands full with these two!!

They thought they were so funny! I thought that they were so cute!!

Always up for a party!!!

Our friend Ellie Gladwell turned two, so we joined them for a good party.

This is Hannah and Ellie playing with Ellie's new car.

K'Leigh and Hope

None of our friends have boys, McKay keeps himself busy in anyway he can.

Hannah and Ellie playing with her new puzzles!

Another boo boo at the Halliday's House

We went over to our friends the Bowles house on Saturday night for a dinner party. We were there for oh- about five minutes. Hannah was walking over to me and she tripped and hit her lip on the wooden leg. It busted it open pretty good. It just bled but she still wanted to play so she would come over to me and the rag and want me to wipe the blood off and then she went right back to playing with her friends. Our friends have one boy that is almost four and then twin boys that are almost two. They had quite the night of fun.

Okay Aunt Autumn, this is all we did this weekend.
(autumn has been harrassing us about our boring blog) We just went to church. I thought the kids looked so cute in their church clothes. I don't have a recent family picture. So this is it for awhile. Trent was the photographer, that's why he is not in it. I think that we will go and get some pictures taken soon.
(hannah is playing itsy bitsy spider while we are trying to take pictures)

Our cleaning Princess

Our Princess does know how to clean!!
She loves it and she is very good at it!
Yes everyone this is my toothbrush. I got her ready for church and she obviously picked it up and went on down the hall to clean it!! She thinks she is so sneekie!

Showing some North Sevier Pride !!

We had Homecoming on Friday Night and we went in all Navy and Crimson. I made all the little girls hair bows, so we could show are true wolf pride. I even put a ribbon in my hair. It was a great night out and a great game to watch!!
(sorry the picture is so far way, we asked a neighbor and I do not think they knew how to zoom in and out!)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

McKay and his Night out in the Stroller!!!

Today the family went to dad's football game in Richfeild. We went to the Junior Varsity game because the kids love to go and play with all the kids. I thought they could take Hannah for a walk in the stroller. They did that for about two minutes and then they thought up the idea to push eachother in the stroller. I looked at them and told them that this was not a good idea. They said that they would be careful. I looked up and they were fine and Hannah was just watching, so I watched a couple plays and stood up to check on them. That is when I saw McKay walking towards me crying. I guess K'Leigh was pushing him and let go and he ran into the cement foundation and the metal railing. He is very shook up and has a bad headache but I think that he will be okay!!! We will keep you all updated on the Halliday war wounds !!

I do not think he will be going to school tommorow. I am afraid that he might hit again!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hannah decided to entertain herself while I was cooking dinner tonight. She dumped out my craft box I had out to finish one of my many projects! It was quite the mess. She had buttons everywhere!!!
She is always up to something. I sure love her and her willlingness to keep me young!

A day in our creature world

The little neighbor boy brought over all these little creatures!!
K'Leigh holding a frog !!!
McKay with a snake!!

And a crawdad, this was a first for me and yes they look just like a lobster. Some people even eat them also. Not me!!!

Hannah has decided to take her adventures to a new level!!She mastered going up but not coming down...So needless to say we try to close McKay's door at all cost.

This is all she wanted. She loves her brother and sister sooooo much!

Sleep??? This is all the sleep we got all weekend and this was on the way home Saturday!! Aunt Torri and I thought that we would scream all the way home so that Hannah couldn't sleep. We did not have the heart, so her and McKay got a little resty.
Hannah is use to going to sleep in her crib with a bottle, five binki's, blanket and her pillow. We had all but a crib and her own room. It was quite a long nightof screaming for all the other five people in the motel room, we are all still trying to recover!!!

We had such a great weekend with our Grandma Great and Aunt Torri!!
McKay and Aunt Torri
Their is a little story that I would like to share with you all about aunt torri and her love and desire for baby Hannah. She really wants Hannah to like her, she has went to great lengths such as buying her favorite treats, taking her places. Anything you can think of and Hannah still does not like her. Torri would just open the car door for me to get her out and she would scream so bad that I was sure a bug had stung her or that she got hurt. I hope that she grows out of this soon. I think when Aunt Torri gives her a real baby doll to play with I think that she will be softened a little!! We can always hope huh Torri! So maybe in November??? I still love ya and know that she does too! Thanks for being the best sister and aunt ever!!!

Yes, in my spare time I do raise "Geniuses"

K'Leigh really wanted to make a tricycle with a trailer! When she puts her mind to something she can do it! She found a bobby pin on the ground and she lined the trailer and tricycle up and stuck the bobby pin through the hole. She was ready to go all the night long!!!!

I am so proud of my little engineer!!

We can always find some toys to ride!!Hannah and K'Leigh playing with all the cousins.
McKay playing with Rilee Ann, Jordee and K'Leigh.

Our Road Trip

On Friday we went to Delta Utah with Great Grandma Norma and Aunt Torri. We went their for a family weeding!!
This is Hannah and McKay on the trip!

Aunt Torri and K'Leigh!!

Hannah Takes "Candy" From Strangers

We were at daddy's football game and Hannah found our friend named "Grinder"!! He wanted her to be his friend, so the only true way to her heart is through her stomach. He thought she needed her very own nacho and then she went for my pepsi! The shirt I put on her was brand new and I had to throw it away at the end of the night! I thought it was a good trade for her to try to overcome her stanger anxiety. This was not any old friend either he is an older gentlemen, tall and got glasses. I was very excited about this hurdle we overcame!!

We are all so thankful we have this little angel in our life! We love her so much even when she is this dirty.

Hannah 18 Month Check Up

Hannah Is Growing Up!!

Date: September 12, 2007

Height: 31.5 inchs tall

Weight: 24.5 lbs

Head Circumference: 48.5

She had to get 4 shots and their was 10 vaccine's in all. I was a series of vaccines behind so I had to make them up. She will not be 18 months for another month, but they just did it early for us!

Her Big Swollen, Sore Legs!!
These were the first shots that she has had since she could walk. She had very stiff legs for a day or two, but it did not keep her down !! She was just as busy as ever!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Our Night on town!

Tonight was Jace's big night! He turned 5 today! Grandma and Grandpa Halliday invited us all out to Chuck-E-Cheese to help him celebrate! McKay, Jace and Garet. They had a great time and loved being together!
(Notice Hannah has to be right their in the middle of things)
Hannah and Maddie digging in on the food!
I think Maddie wants Hannah's food!

Hannah came up missing for a second! That's all it takes these days! This is where I found her.

K'Leigh and Camry had a great time. They enjoyed trying to get as many tickets as they could and then they seperated them in the end. They are such good friends!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

We LOVE our Dad!!!

In our dad's spare time he is a coach for the High School Freshman Football team! Yes he loves it to death and we love to go to the games and support him! We are currently holding a 3-0 title! This is a big deal in the North Sevier area and in our house! By the way Trent is the guy on the feild in Kahki long pants.

Hannah up to no good!

We decided to start cleaning out the baby stuff today! I got the infant car seat out to give to my friend Sandy and this is what Hannah thought was a good idea! She saw some treats that were out of her reach and so she stood in it and got her some snacks! (Now Lets Hope we don't get any unexpect NEWS at our house!!!??)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

K'Leigh and Hope on Picture Day !

We pick up Hope so I took the oppurtunity to take some pictures! K'Leigh sure loves her and is thankful to have such a good friend!

Hannah and her big girl Hair!!

Today was school picture day! I took Hannah up and she of course had her stranger danger anxiety so K'Leigh and Mckay had to go behind the camera man and play peek a boo! i don't know if we ever got a smile but she is at least not crying!!! This is her hair all curly. Everyday it seems to get more and more curls we are sure loving them!


This past week I have been sick with a bladder infection and once again our Aunt Autum came to the rescue with help of Grandma and Grandpa Halliday! We are so thankful with for her, Hannah only likes her select few and thankfully Autumn is one of them! We love her and are so grateful for her and her family!