Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our baby

Dumpster has been quite the stubborn little thing. We think that it is about a month old and we know it has teeth, so it should be able to eat wet cat food. She refuses to eat anything but her formula that up until today I had been syringe feeding her, because she refused to take the bottle. I even made her go with out formula for twenty four hours thinking that she would eat the wet food. No, she must have known she came to a "stubborn" Halliday house. I am just as much of a push over with her as I am with the kids, so we are back to formula. With the bottle at least K'Leigh gets to help me out.
We love her and are thankful for the experience I guess!


We are so lucky to be blessed with a good ole case of pink eye. Hannah and McKay are the only victims so far. This is McKay's solution to not being able to play.

What happened was I told him he could not go outside and play after school with the other kids. I was in on my bed folding laundry and he came in to my room with this get up on. He also but on his snow gloves. The saddest thing is what he said when I asked him what he was doing with his motorcycle helmet and goggles on? (He has a brand new motorcycle that he got last year for his birthday that he will not ride, so I knew something was up?) He simply said," Now I won't get the other kids sick." He is my tender boy.
Need less to say he got to go in our back yard and play. We now are clorox wiping everything and anything hoping not to spread it any farther.

Monday, April 28, 2008

McKay's BIG day

Today I got to go with McKay and his class to the Glenwood Fish Hatchery. I learned a lot and McKay loved it. We also got to take "Helpful" Hannah with us and she enjoyed it also.

Thanks for a great day guys!

Friday, April 25, 2008

K'Leigh's BIG day

I had the pleasure of going on a field trip with K'Leigh today. This is her and her friend Jaylie standing in front of their class entry in the art fair. Their class made a "friendship quilt" out of coloring paper!The field trip was to the art fair and outdoor show. They had this big slide there for the kids to play on. They loved it!
It was just me and her and we got to go to lunch and Walmart just the two of us.
It was a great day !

Monday, April 21, 2008

Our latest edition

Meet Dumpster Dan or Dana
We were traveling home from my mom's house and my phone rang, it was my friend that works at one of the local banks. She said, "hey, do you want a kitten?" I said."What kind is it?" Long story short they found him inside their dumpster. I could not turn him away. Well we can not tell what kind of kitty we have but we sure love it.
Hannah loves it a little to much sometimes. Trent makes the coment daily that the poor thing wishes it got left in the dumpster.
Yes this is my dog feeding an orphaned kitten. Too bad it can not get anything from her. I still have to feed it with a bottle, but she does mother her all day. It is so cute.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Look who turns "2"

The Birthday Girl
She is so wonderful and we love her so much!
She loves "Dora" so much she had two "Dora" parties, one at Grandma Sallie's and then we had a pretend one a couple of days later so that her daddy could be there.
Thank you to all for all her gifts she loves each and every one of them.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

K'Leigh's 8th Birthday

This year was such a fun year. Grandma and Grandpa Halliday gave her scriptures, she loved them. I am still having a hard time with the fact that she is getting baptized.
Me, Trent and the other kids gave her a bike and other things. Grandma and Grandpa Lyman gave her here Baptism Dress.
We are so thankful for her. She is always so full of energy and a very loving person.
Thanks to everyone that gave her presents she loves them all so much!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Happy Birthday!!
Their are no words that can say how much we love you!
You are the light to our fire and we appreciate all that you sacrifice for your family.
We love that you are always their to take care of us no matter what it is.
We hope that you have a good day and that we can enjoy many more with you!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our Apologies To Aunt Laura and Uncle Ryan !!!

This was one of McKays favorite presents. I just didn't like the picture. McKay and his friends have played with the Stomp Launch everyday they love it. Hannah also tries to launch the rockets but she can only make it go two feet in the air. Thank you so much for the Rockets, and sorry we left this picture out.