Saturday, November 29, 2008

Seeing Santa

Today our town closed half of Main Street and Invited Santa and one of his elves to come and see the children. It was fun they had hot chocolate and cookies. The stores stayed open later and you could go in and see the sales.

This is a picture of all the kids. This is the best picture of Hannah with Santa that we could get.
Hopefully Next year she will like him.

McKay asked for a RipStick! Can anyone say broken arm?
K'Leigh asked for a iPod and told him she would be a good girl.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ginger Bread House

We wanted to do something with the kids to try to pass the day without the usual cousins to play with. So I bought a Gingerbread house for us to decorate. Trent took over as usual and iced the whole thing and the kids got to put all the candy on it. What candy was left. They were eating it as fast as they were decorating it.

The final project! It was a great day and we just love being together as a family!

Thanksgiving 2008

This year Trent had to work so it was a quite dinner at home. It was nice not to have a schedule and we ate when we wanted and all was very calm. The kids loved all the food and so did we.

The kids being silly at the table, of course.
Trying to be serious and smile.

I went all out and made home made rolls, two pumpkin pies, two bannana cream pies, a Rasberry pie, green bean casserole, turkey, ham and last but not least Cauliflower Soup.
It was a ton of food and we are still eating all of it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kitchen Distruction

Yes, the day before Thanksgiving the contractor calls and says he has time to come and relay our new sub floor. I was a little nervous but thought Trent won't make us eat in complete caous, so I had faith and he pulled through for us. It took them most of the afternoon, then Trent brought all the cabinets back in and set them were they needed to go and it went really smooth.

I really do not recomend this but, I just have to keep my eye on the end result!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Opps! I Did it again!

Well Trent went out to work a late shift on Saturday. At about twelve forty five a.m. he saw a car of interest get off the freeway. He went around the back of a gas station and there were three gas pumps really lite up with lights, but the fourth was not so much. It was just there and he could not see it, so he hit the cement poles that block the gas pump. Thank goodness they were their. His air bags are suppose to go off at thirteen miles per hour so they think he was going slower than that. I know looking at his car you would never guess that!

Hopefully it will be up and running again soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

For Fun Pictures

I feel like I have not blogged for so long, so I wanted you all to see updated pictures of the kids and the growing that is going on at our house. We are all well and we are doing better than ever.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

State Game 2008

This year was a very special year for our football team. Never in school history have they made it to a State Game. They have made it to the semi finals three times before, but they lost out each time. The boys were very excited to have the chance to make school history.
We are so proud to be part of this and I know that I complain a lot during the season, but I sure love that my husband has the oppurtunity to serve the community and the boys!!

The team playing at their finest!!!
They played the Kanab Cowboys.
The whole family after the game celebrating our big win. The final score was 22 to 12.
Go North Sevier Wolves!!
(Thanks Aunt Autumn and her kids for coming and sharing in our excitment, it meant a lot to Trent and all of us!)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Visiting Grandpa and Grandma Lyman

We had the oppurtunity to go to Brigham City and see our Grandparents. We love going to see them put it seems so far up their. When you get their it is well worth the drive. We had a great time and are so happy they live in the same state as us now.
On Saturday we had our Semi-Final Game at Woods Cross High School and Grandma had to go to work. She works at a Animal Hospital, anyone that knows K'Leigh knows she is just like her Grandma Sallie and loves the animals. So we went o see her and some puppies that they had rescued. The kids loved it and so did I.
Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us stay and spoiling us why we were there.
We Love you SO much:)

All the kids and Grandma, with the puppies.

Hannah and her puppy.

McKay even thought they were cute enough to take home.

K'Leigh would live at that place. She had such a great time.