Monday, September 29, 2008

Lips of a Angel

Ainsley Shaw absolutely adores McKay. When we first got to know the Shaw family Ains & McKay were always at each others throats. They hated being around one another & believe me it was no fun to try to make them just get along. But over the last year they have become best buds. Don't get me wrong, they still torment each other to bits but they also play really well together.
Last night we went over for a minute & of course Ains & McKay were instantly pestering one another. They shoveled some dirt, hit a few baseballs, & drew pictures on the sidewalk with the sidewalk chalk. When it was time for them to go, Ains chased McKay down & laid a big 'ol kiss on his cheek & said "Love Ya" then headed for the front door. Once she reached the front porch, she turned around & yelled, "Goodbye lips of an angel!" Misty & I looked at each other & cracked up. We are certainly in trouble with these two but they sure are adorable.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Homecoming Game

We love to support our dad and the team. Mckay and K'Leigh think of the players as all of there big brothers.
They sure love #10 James Holmes the very best. He and K'Leigh usually will go to practice everyday with there dad. They have a great time and it is so neat to see the bond between the team and our little family.

McKay got his face pianted at the game, by the cheer leaders!

McKay playing with Keaton at the game.

Homecoming Parade

I love living in a small town!
The day of our Homecoming the school puts on a little parade. The kids thought it was great and so did we.

The football team!
Some more of the football team.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hannah Master's The Scooter

When you are always ont the go, I guess you have to find a faster way to get there. It was so much fun to find her learning this fun new skill.

Monday, September 8, 2008

K'Leigh's Third Grade Gooseberry Experience

K'Leigh being in third grade, gets to go on a fun field trip. They go up the mountain and stay the night in cabins and they learn all about the outdoors and safety in the outdoors.
I was lucky enough to go and enjoy the experience with her also.
K'Leigh learned about forest fires. The reason why they have controlled burns and what they do when they start accidently.

Mr. Peterson , K'Leigh and Mrs. Lund

They asked K'Leigh and her friend Branson to lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.
They did great for to shy little kids.

K'Leigh and her friend Ashytn in front of our cabin :)

Mom and K'leigh having a good time

Chief Greg Harwood also got to come up and teach us about some safety stuff. It was nice to see him.

They also brought the drug dog up and taught the kids about drugs and what the dogs are able to do.

After diner and at dark they have a forest ranger telll a story about a little girl that froze to death up on the mountain. Her favorite color is red and she comes out and tries to scare the kids. K'Leigh amazingly did very well with this whole thing.

K'Leigh and her friend Micah snugled up together, in between their moms in our cabin.

After diner they preform some little dances that they had been practicing. It was so cute to see them having a good time.

K'Leigh and her friends with Smokey the Bear.

Here they are at the fur exhibt.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hannah's Best Friend

Hannah is always wanting a kitten. So one night while we were home all alone we went on a hunt. We found that kitten and she loved him so much. He stunk so we gave him a bath and he liked it and so did Hannah and K'Leigh.

Hannah decided his name would be, "Wayne Duane"
She just squeezes him with LOVE.

"Wayne, Duane" in her first bath

(Unfortunatly our kitten ran away:()