Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st day of School

This year we are very excited about school. We have excellent teachers and the school got a remodel over the summer and it looks really nice. The kids have had a VERY eventful Summer and were very excited to go back to school and see all there school friends!

McKay is in 2nd Grade and his teacher is Mrs. T.Mason. I warned her about him and his social problem the first day and told her to keep me in touch... then down the hall we saw last years teacher and she informed us that she had warned his new teacher about him. It made me sad for awhile then I decided that he is just my social child and hopefully all will be well this year!
K'Leigh is in Fourth Grade this year and her teacher is Mrs. LaFevre. She was so excited to be in class and with all her friends!

McKay at his desk:) Is he not the most handsome guy ever?

K'Leigh my little ANgel.
Let's hope for a good and fun year for us all!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


So the 4 month story continued. We got home from Las Vegas and I got another cold. So back to the Dr we went. He thought that maybe all this sickness might be coming from my Sinuses due to all the drainage down my throat. So he gave me some antibiotics and allergy stuff to see if that would help, he also mentions maybe I get a CAT SCAN of my Sinus'. I said I would get back to him on that.

Came home and shared the information with Trent who was still in Las Vegas and he said that I think it is time to see a Ears Nose and Throat Speacialist and just get to the bottom of everything. So I call the Insurance make sure everything is good there and start looking who I want to go to. Well we have had some family go t Dr. Riddle but he was booked for two months. So we went with one of his associates, Dr.Beus. He is a very nice guy and very knowledgable.

The first time I saw him was on July 29,2009, he had my history from all my Drs appointments and all the blood work and test that they had done so far. So I told him a little about it and he reviewed everything and he said some scarry things and said that he thought it was time to take the biggest Lymph node out and send it off to patheolgy. I told him I did not think it was neccessary since I had all these other test and nothing pointed to Cancer. He said there is no way to tell me for sure that I don't have Lyphoma with out taking a node and having it checked. So I told him I would talk it over with my husband and decide from there.

When I told Trent he said that we would not stop worrying about it and thinking about it until I got it out and knew for sure. So we called and scheduled the surgery for August 13,2009. With school starting the next week and crazy Football we thought the sooner the better. So I went under the knife once again. I was really nervous this time and I could hardly keep myself from throwing up before going back but I soon calmed down. It took them about an hour to find it and remove it and it was painful but not anything compared to the tonsils. My doctor was so nice to take my camera back and take some pictures, I told him this thing has been a big part of my life I wanted to see what all the fuss was about!

So this is before they go into the neck to look for it.
Blurry I know, this is the Node inside my throat!

This is the culprit for all the STRESS!
It was sent off and me and Trent went up an met with the Dr on August 21 and he said that it is what they call a Re-active Lymph node and they will just watch all the other big ones and make sure no futher problems arise!!! YEAH FINALLY, we are so excited and very thankful that this can finally be put behind our family.
(When we went up for the post-op follow up my neck had a very hard spot in it and so we were a little concerned about all that but come to find out it is just some extra swelling and maybe a small blood clot that should heal up with time!)