Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hannah the Houdinni

Tonight I laid Hannah down with a bottle and she was suppose to be going to bed. Instead she took the top off her bottle and dumped her milk everywhere. She is so cute, she just yelled her usual "hut" (Uh Oh). I had no idea what was going on, I thought she threw her binki. I went in and she looked so innocent. It should not be a suprise to me seeing that she can take her own earrings out of her ears. We defintly have our hands full with her.

Our little Princess Hannah

Dad thought he would throw out a rotten tomato, Hannah thought otherwise!

Hannah got a real bad sunburn on our outing to Manti. I put 50 sunblock on before we left. I forgot to reapply to our family. K'Leigh, Dad and Hannah paid the price for me and my memory! Sorry Guys!!

Our Garden

When our dad puts his mind to something he puts his whole heart and soul into it! He planted 6 Zucchini plants, 1 cucumber, 8 tomato plants, 6 bell pepper and a wide variety of everything else you need to go into salsa. He also planted 2 croock neck squash but they got ran out by the zucchini I think. Oh and he has 2 fine looking watermelon growing also.

Our cute puppies!

We have 3 of the cutest puppies! Shitzu-Maltese mix. They have been so much fun!

Today's Fun

We thought it was to cloudy to go to the pool. So we had a water balloon fight instead. Hannah thought it was funny to squeeze the balloon until it popped! My Kids are the best!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Pioneer Day in Redmond

We went to Redmond for Pioneer day. The kids had fun watching the parade, and playing the games at the park. K'Leigh, and McKay both won a fish. Of course they died the next day.

Trip to Manti

On saturday we visited the Manit Aquatic center. The kids had a great time playing in the pool. We all had sunburns to remember the day. The kids haven't quit asking if we can go back. We all enjoyed the lazy river, and Hannah loved the shallow area where she could walk around and play in the water.



The kids sure are having fun this summer. They have spent alot of time at the simming pool. This is one of the times that they visited the Lehi Pool with their cousins.