Friday, November 30, 2007

Arts and Crafts Night

McKay needed to decorate a paper tree for school. We accepted the challenge as a family and all made a paper tree. It was fun and a nice family activity.
( I know I look great, but I thought it was a cute picture of the kids!)

In this picture Trent told McKay to pretend that he was doing something. He was already done with his. He is our character.
This gold glitter all over my house, was one of Hannah's may contributions to the night.

Putting up the TREE

Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Feast

This year for Thanksgiving we headed home to Blanding to see the baby. Great Grandma Norma baked all the proper food and hosted it all at her house. We had a great time and are thankful for all we have and our families. We love you all.

K'Leigh and Great Grandpa Jim

McKay and his drumstick!! He wanted it and I kept telling him, "No, you won't eat it all." So Great Grandma said he could have it and he ate it up quite nicely:)
Hannah, Uncle Hanson and Aunt Torri enjoying the feast!!
To top of a good feast, we held our baby Madden. Hannah sure loves her, she was not sure of all the time and attention she was getting. Hannah got herself up on my lap and tried to show me everything that she could to get my attention.

The first Movie at the theater with Hannah

We decided to go to the "BEE" Movie while in Blanding. This was a very good learning experience. Hannah liked it for about twenty minutes, she just had other things to do. I thought she would be okay and stay on my lap seeing that she does not like strangers. That was not the case she walked all around in the dark and met everyone. I would pick her up and take her out and she would scream. Needless to say we won't be trying this again anytime soon.

Playing with our Cousins

McKay and Tyler had a great time playing at Torri's. Mckay wants him to live closer to us.
K'Leigh had to stop and pose instead of just playing!
Tyler, McKay and Cooper thought they would use Torri's Wreath as a hoop to throw rocks threw. It kept them entertained for about 15 seconds.

Meeting the Princess Madden

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The "Good" ol days

The first night in Blanding, (we got their at about 9:30pm) Trent thought it would be a good time to go through his mission stuff. He had a great time and I learned some new things about him. His mom was trying to encourage us to take it home but I told him to build an office for it all first.

This is Trent in all of his "authentic" Guatemala clothing! This was a good learning experience. It was a great way to kick of this holiday season. We took sometime to realize how grateful we are for the small things we take for granite.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Our Precious Princess!!

Madden Leslie Perkins
November 16, 2007
6 lbs 12 oz
20 1/2 in long
She is our beautiful princess and we are so glad she is here safe and sound!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Our Project !!!

A couple of days ago I thought up the plan to have Trent remodel the closets in our room and in the girls. He was up for the challenge, me and Autumn thought that it would be drawn out project . This is the magic words I guess, he took this as a challenge and got it done in two days. He thinks that I am crazy for blogging my new closet, but it makes me really happy.
This is demo day! Notice his handy helper. She was all hands on and very helpful. Ha Ha!!
This is the finished project and I love it! I am so thankful that my husband takes on these projects and gets them done!! He is a one of a kind and I love him for it!

Sorry everyone!! I am so proud of my new organized closet that my wonderful husband built!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Raising Kids!! !??!?!

I worked late tonight, so it is always hard to come home and do everything that needs done. Trent put kids in the bath, then went to help me with diner. We all the sudden heard Hannah screaming and then K'leigh saying, "Help! The baby!" So we ran in their and the blood was everywhere so we grabbed her and took her into the bedroom and took a look. We new mouths tend to bleed a ton , but it just kept coming. We finally got it stopped. Hannah carried a wash cloth around for a long time and would say, "Owie" and would wipe all the blood off. This was a hard lesson for me, I should NEVER leave them unattened again! I think that I accidently put to much pressure on the oldest child. I love all of my babies more than life itself.
Just another lesson I learned from and I thought I would share.

Oh yes, I know this lip busting thing has happened to this child twice before. I have no idea what keeps happening???

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our Photographer

Mckay loves the camera a little to much! He always is taking pictures of himself and random stuff. I just thought I would document these cute little things that we love about him.

The SASSY litlle Princess

Today I got her dressed and I thought she looked so grown up. So I took a picture because I know they grow up way to fast.
Tonight we were trying to take some video for the blog and she could not do it because she was to interested in the video camera. This is her with the video camera and getting to sassy for her dad's liking. This is the night gown that her grandma great made her last christmas and it still fits. Here I am worrying about this years and it still fits.

Hannah the Artist

Friday, November 9, 2007

McKay loses another TOOTH

McKay has been working on this one for awhile. He was glad to see it go. He told Trent that he was going to go and put it under his pillow and lay their for awhile until the tooth fairy came. We had to break the news to him that she only came at night when it was dark and he was good and asleep. This is his second bottom tooth. Way to go bud!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

One to many BLANKIES

We have a problem, Hannah thinks that she needs to have at least three blankets at all times.
McKay was the same way! I think this is my fault, for making them so many!
Too many to chose from!

Try and take them and this what you get!

Silly me I thought I could put her blankets in her bed!!!

Family Flu Shot Day

We got the dreaded shots today. McKay was real brave, he talks a lot when he gets nervous I discovered this afternoon. Trent was not going to get one but I told him he had too. he got a little pale and shaky, I had no idea he was that afraid. Hannah was saying "ouch" before they even stuck her. Now K'Leigh was held down by me, Trent and the nurse. It was a great time! We got shakes after to reward all the shot getter's !

A wonderful fall day

We thought we should rake our leaves up. We had fun playing in all the leaves and making "nest" as the kids were calling this. We got them all cleaned up and more fell the next second.
I guess that is what tomorrow is for.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Movie Night

Tonight we had a little extra time on our hands. We had fed and bathed kids and it was only five thirty. So we decided to watch a movie and have popcorn and hot chocolate. We watched Surf's Up and had a great family night.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fifty fun facts about my Prince Charming

1. Trent is a survivor!
2. He is a very dedicated person.
3. He has great will power!
4. One year ago he decided to quit swearing, and still has not!
5. He has not drank soda pop in seven years.
6. Went on a spanish speaking mission to Guatemala.
7. He loves being a police officer!
8. He has quite the gun collection.
9. Would do anything for anyone.
10. He loves his home the best.
11. He and McKay's names are the same, they are just switched around.
12. He got life flighted out of Blanding twice in high school!
13. His mom was told that his leg would get amputated one of those times! He still has both legs!
14. He has never drank, smoke or done drugs in his whole life!
15. Him and his friends were more into vandalizing.
16. We dated for three short months before we were married.
17. His family, small and big are his life.
18. Trent has had two cornea transplants.
19. Maybe that is why he has never cried in his whole grown up life.
20. His favorite meal is Steak and Potato's.
21. He hates Roast....????
22. Trent coached High school football this year. We all loved it and miss it already.
23. After many hours of arm twisting, he dressed up as Prince Charming this Halloween.
24. He is always willing to look at the bright side of things.
25. He is always willing to take on any housework job, big or small!!
26. He sat at my craft fair booth last weekend so that me and K'Leigh could go to the Hannah Montana concert!!
27. Give him anything electronic and he can figure it out.
28. He is not much of a mechanic-but if you challenge him he will do it.
29. Has a jeep that has been tore apart for three years.
30. Hates yard work!!
31. He did his first load of laundry at the age of thirty!
32. He is a very loud person!!
33. Trent loves to watch Grey's Anatomy with me. It is our date night!
34. He is always willing to help- friends, family or stranger!
35. He can quilt with the best of ya!
36. His children admire his every move.
37. He never leaves the house or hangs up the phone without an I love you to us all. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
38. He loves me no matter the situation!
39. Great Listener.
40. He has never forgotten a special occasion.
41. He is way more romantic than me.
42. He bought McKay a motorcycle and K'Leigh a four wheeler. He thought that this could bring them some happiness and time together. McKay has been on his twice. He still has high hopes!
43. He loves to be outdoors, camping and jeeping are some of our greatest memories.
44. Trent had the experience of getting tazzed, so that he would know the feeling if he ever had to use this type of action on anyone.
45. We lived at Bullfrog and we would still live their if we did not have children that needed a social life. (maybe someday we will go back!)
46. He loves all kinds of music!
47. He will watch almost any movie at least twice.
48. He is very much a dare devil.
49. The most honest person I know!
50. A very supportive, loving husband and father.

Our Pretty little Princess

Hannah enjoys watching t.v. a little to much!!
She got caught !! Crazy bed head hair Hannah !!

Halloween Fun

We had a good time trick or treating this year! The big kids loved it and Hannah enjoyed just getting one piece of candy and eating it.
Hannah got a sucker at the trunk or treat and she was done.
She spent the rest of the night eating it and loved every minute of it!
McKay and K'Leigh sure had a great time and got tonz of candy!!