Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day!!!

Christmas was very exciting and very fun filled for our house!! A HUGE thank you to Santa!!

K'Leigh got a lot of Littlest Pet Shop stuff, portable DVD player and lots of other little things!!
McKay got his long awaited Nintendo DS, and lots of other fun boy things!!
Hannah got a baby stroller and a baby. She really did not appreciate the five o'clock wake up call, but she tolerated it well. Hannah had a great time and she was so much fun to watch.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Activities

We stayed home for Christmas this year. We found fun things to do with the kids. We missed being with family for Christmas but had alot of fun here at home. We miss you all and have a Merry Christmas.

Early Bird Unwrappers!

We have lots of Granparents that are not around us on christmas. So we decided to unwrap their presents on christmas eve, so we know what is from who?!?!

K'Leigh got a new stero from Grandma and Grandpa Lyman!! She loves it thanks guys!!

Hannah got a new dress up trunk from Grandma and Grandpa Lyman. The newest stripper of our family appreciated this very much!!

McKay got a Lighting McQueen Leggo set, from Grandma and Grandpa
Lyman. McKay and his dad put it together as soon as they could.

Madden Christmas Party

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Today a customer came into work that needed to put plastic over his windows. He was an older man that is battling cancer in many forms. This was his first outing other than to a hospital since June when he got diagnosed. He wanted to come to the Hardware store and talk to the ladies. He was your typical cute old man. I introduced myself and told him that I would have none of this nonsense of him putting plastic up when he can not even come into the hardware store with out needing to sit down, because he was dizzy. I told him that Trent could do this for him right when I got home from work.
Tonight we had a family night and we went to Pizza Hut and then drove around and looked at lights. I felt the need to stop and check on this older couple. I went up to the door and the nice lady invited me in to visit. It was good to see them and to know he had not tried to do that himself.
I went back out to the car and Trent told me that McKay was worried about me. I asked McKay what he was worried about and he said, " I thought you got mothernapped !!"

This little boy is really the funniest kid around!

Eating Diner at the Mayan

Hannah and Sophie

Hannah thought about little Miss Sophie for quite some time. At first she would not have anything to do with her. Then by the end of the night she would not put her down. I am sure her parents were in hives, but it was really cute. Hannah would hold her and want the binky, and the blankie. We love her and I love you Hannah!!

The Infamous Pink Cupcake!!

Grandma Linda thought to give the "twenty" month old a pink cupcake!!
She loved it and that is all that truly matters, but it was a big mess!!
She took bite by bite of it and loved every second of it!
Look at her enjoying every last bite!The "BIG" girls loved the cupcakes also.

Celebrating Camry's 11 Birthday with her!!

We got to sleep at Camry's house and be there when she opened her presents. K'Leigh thinks the world of her so it is always nice to share in special moments like these!
Camry and K'Leigh admiring the goods!!

Going to see Santa

We got to go and see Santa at the mall this year. It was fun and the kids all had a good time!
(Notice Hannah and her good time!! Ha Ha)
Hannah was not liking the whole thing! She tolerated it and we got the picture. She will be happy if he comes to her at all!!McKay was just fine to go up also. He told Santa he wants a Nintendo DS ! This could get a little crazy around here on christmas
K'Leigh was a great sport. She knew exactly what she wanted or should we say more what her dad wanted. She said a Wii, a bunk bed for her twin babies and a bed for her Nicki doll! She has been a great kid all year so I hope she gets what she wants!

Camry's Singing Recital

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Las Vegas Trip

We just wanted to thank Grandma Linda and Aunt Autumn for helping us out with the kids. We could not have went and had as much fun if we didn't have such good babysitters. Thanks and we love ya tons!!

Our first wonderful snow fall

My kids kept looking outside and thinking that it was christmas !! Sad for them but their dad bundle them up and they went to work on snow fort and a snow man. Hannah even joined in on the fun. It was just great to see the whole family working together on a fun project!!€
The Worlds Greatest DAD! He will spend hours out their with them and they love it, even the baby she thinks that she is just is big as them. She is going to be up for sale before to long@!@!

What are big sisters for? These two are so much fun!! They will play for hours and laugh and carry on a good conversation. These are the special moments for me, some good ol' fashion family time!:(

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ginger Bread House

We brought the kids home a Gingerbread House as a surprise from our trip to Las Vegas.
Trent loved it and so did the kids , the power went out about ten minutes into the project.
Everyone was a good sport about it and dad had to go to work, so I am sure it is not as great as
he would have liked it. It was fun to do by candle light and stuff. We are always up for a new challenge. I think that my kids are pretty much perfect and loving! Thank You to all that has contributed to that in any way! Raising these little guys is a lot harder than what I thought they would be!!
But their is not a busy moment that goes by that I think what a blessing!
I LOVE YOU THREE ANGELS !! You complete me!:)