Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Going to see Santa

We got to go and see Santa at the mall this year. It was fun and the kids all had a good time!
(Notice Hannah and her good time!! Ha Ha)
Hannah was not liking the whole thing! She tolerated it and we got the picture. She will be happy if he comes to her at all!!McKay was just fine to go up also. He told Santa he wants a Nintendo DS ! This could get a little crazy around here on christmas
K'Leigh was a great sport. She knew exactly what she wanted or should we say more what her dad wanted. She said a Wii, a bunk bed for her twin babies and a bed for her Nicki doll! She has been a great kid all year so I hope she gets what she wants!


Autumn said...

Poor Hannah! Santa is way scary when you're little!

Unknown said...

I want a Wii too, but it aint gonna happen. They are sold out of them everywhere!

Rochelle said...

Jeremy and I were at the Mall the other night and I was so tempted to make him sit on Santa's lap with me. Maybe next year!