Monday, December 29, 2008


This is the HUGE hills at fourth reservior. Grandma is at the top in the yellow jacket and K'Leigh going down the hill on the tube. We got a late start and the kids really did not want to go. We talked them in to it and then we had to beg them to leave.

Madden and her Mommy

The little girls waiting there turn to go down the HUGE hills.

Madden just wanted to eat the snow, she is so cute and fun.

Hannah in her wonderful snow suit!

All of us that could stand the cold!! I was the babysitter and the picture taker!!
I had fallen the night before on the ice and I opted not to get hurt anymore!!
I am not known for my gracefullness.

McKay and Aunt Torri riding down the massive hills!

Aunt Torri has a Farm!!

Well we have heard all about this farm and it has had it's woes, recently Aunt Torri had to kill her Rooster's because they were hurting her chickens. But her goats and her chickens were there and Hannah thought that it was so neat to be able to pet them.

Chicken's in their coop!!
K'Leigh, McKay and Madden petting the goats!

They are pretty little animals!

I am thankful to her that she is patient enough and loving enough to have these for my kids to appreciate. I can only handle a dog, she does live on enough land for this kind of nonsense. Madden loves them so much, so at least she has friends.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Drive to Blanding

We decided to brave the winter storms and go to Blanding to be with our families for Christmas.
Well we could only travel at a speed of about 30 to 50 mph through Salina Canyon. They had closed this Canyon early that morning because two Snow Plows had slid off the road. Then at noon they had such a bad wreck that two people had to be extracated from there vehichles. I was just fine staying home after hearing all of this, but Trent was determined.

This is a wreck that we came up onto in between Monticello and Moab. We were the second car there, but thankfully the Ambulance and Fire trucks got there first. The police arrived shortly after us. They said everyone was okay, but it was way scarry.
This is the snow in Monticello. Trent kept saying, "Since when do you go through Alaska to get to Blanding?"
There was so much snow in Monticello and in Blanding!
We just could not get enough of it!! The kids just could not believe the amount!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

This year our dad had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day night, so that left us at home enjoying the small and very close Christmas. We rode around on Christmas eve and looked at the lights, ate some good food and played games. We enjoyed it so much. The kids went to bed at a decent time and got up at a decent time.
K'Leigh got this digital camera from McKay and she loves it!
The hit of the day was K'Leigh's Ipod! It was so much fun to watch her with it and she has been very willing to share with her brother and sister!

McKay got a RipStick and he likes it. He also got a new DS game from his sister. He loves it so much!

Hannah got a new Barbie Jeep and a Pony! She was so happy all day!
Trent got a new Craftsman Shop Vac, that he has been wanting for a very long time!
This year I asked for something romantic that did not cost anything. So Trent sent me on a Scavenger Hunt, there were little clues that were coupons all over the house. At the end was some beautiful earrings and a braclet. So he cheated a little but I did not mind!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Jammies

This year I decided to utilize the State Champion Shirts and I got navy blue bottoms for the whole family. We all got dressed in them at differerent times, so I was unable to get a group shot but we looked so cute!!
K'leigh thought it was so cool that they got shirts like there dad's!
McKay was wanting to go show the whole team as soon as he saw it.

Hannah thought the shirt was cool but she was just cold and wanted it on. She kept looking at the other kids and at her s and giggling!
Go North Sevier Wolves!!

Grandma's Kitten

Anyone that knows my mom knows that she is always finding stray animals and trying to give them to anyone that will take them.

Hannah thought that she was a keeper but I let her know that she was on her way to her real home, Aunt Torri's house!
K'Leigh also thought she was so cute, but she knows her mom all to well.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Grandpa and Grandma Lyman come for a visit

Grandme Sallie and Grandpa Duane came and stayed the night before Christmas Eve and let the kids open there presents early. They loved it, K'Leigh got a new soft outfit, books, a reading light and bubble bath. McKay got a soft outfit, books,reading lamp and bubble bath. Hannah also got a soft outfit, books and bubble bath.
K'Leigh loves her reading lamp!
McKay thought his Car's bubble bath was a water bottle.

Hannah loves to read and loves the bath. All the finer things in life!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hannah and "AGGA"

Hannah has been talking to an imaginary friend named "AGGA" for about a month or two. She will play with her all day long. She is so fun to listen to, but if you ask her any questions about what she is saying then she gets real shy about it.
They play dolls and have been building forts in the empty cabinets.

She sometimes will call her dolls "AGGA"
Look how cute she is!

They played all day, while I baked cookies! She is so dang much like her older sister!!
I find myself saying they are identical twins just six years apart!!

Finally got to see Twilight

Never mind the cute picture of myself, but I was home making some cookies and I called Tandi to ask her where Amie was and she said she was at work. Tandi said she was getting ready to go the movie. I asked if I could go and she said of course! So I jumped in the car and drove over there. It was a good movie, thanks to all of those that gave me the heads up about how VAGUE it was, I thought it was great and can't wait for the next one!

Playing in the first REAL snow!

Today we got a lot more snow than just the skiffs her and there. So the kids and Trent went out and built the first snowman of the season!! It was great, they had snowball fights and all the fun they could!!

This is Hannah and McKay building snow angels!
Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Halliday for Hannah's snow suit. She absolutly loved being able to go out in the snow.
Quick Story: Little Hannah has been standing at the window watching and crying to go out with her brother and sister. One day she even went out in her crocs and short sleeved pajama's. Needless to say she was quicklyback in and wanting a warm bath.
So today she was walking around the house with K'Leigh's flip flops on and in PJ's still and she wanted to go out. Trent was explaining to her that she was wearing summertime shoes and she could not go out in them. So when I walked up stairs with her snow suit and snow boots, she exclaimed, "summer clothes a Hannah!" This child makes us laugh so much!!
K'Leigh trying to make the biggest bottom to the perfect Snowman!

"Dad please help me carry this thing"

Hannah helping her Daddy

Thursday, December 18, 2008

K'Leigh 3rd Grade Christmas Program

This year K'Leighs class got to do a special musical program. It is always way fun to watch your children perform something that they have tried so hard to learn. She did a great job and we are so proud of her!!
At the end they had a little part wishing us all a Merry Christmas!
She did great at memorizing that part!
She is the one with kaki pants and red shirt, notice the red bows:)
The tall kid next to her is the only kid taller than her in her class!!

Top row, fourth one in. They used there recorders to play a song. It went great and they handle themselves very well!
Hannah really enjoyed the program. And for those of you asked or just thought it, NO we do not beat our children.

Singing the last song.
K'Leigh's teacher, Mr. Peterson. He truly is the best teacher known to man. He tolerates me and K'Leigh very well. He is so quite and patient. Just what we both need.
Thank you for all your time and effort:)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making Gingerbread Houses

They invited a few moms to the classroom to help the kids decorate Gingerbread House!
We had a great time and I love being there to help when we can.
This is K'Leigh trying to examine what she needs to do next! I love her so much:)

Going to work with the frosting!!

You always have to try it. Right??
( Everyone notice she has been letting me but bows in her hair this last week! I have been so evcited! She even asked one day. Ya!!)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cute Kid's

Last week the kids had a Secret Santa's Workshop at school. This is a fundraiser for the kids school, they can buy presents for their family and they bring them home wrapped.
So on Tuesday I sent ten dollars in the envelope for K'Leigh to get a present for her brother and her sister.
She got the presents and brought home the change. She was very excitted and was delighted with what she had gotten.
The next day I do the same for McKay. When I picked him up that day from school, I asked him what he got his sisters and he told me. Then I asked him if he had any change and he said no, I bought me this slime.
I laughed at the experience and just thought of the differences in my children. They are so fun to watch and they bring us so much JOY!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

We call her "Black Eyed Willy"

On Sunday Trent was making the kids some chicken noodle soup. The bowls were in the cabinet and McKay wanted to get them, Hannah was sitting on a chair that was in front of the cabinet. He went to stand on the chair and he accidently pushed Hannah off, she knocked the rubbermaid container that held the pots and pans, the heaviest pot fell out and hit the fallen baby right in the eye.
This is the next day. Notice the nice pouty face that she has.
We just love her:)
P.S. McKay just read this post and wanted you all to know that he is very SORRY!
What a sweet little boy he is :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ward Party

Our ward party was pretty low key this year. They had Santa come at six thirty, then diner was after that. Thanks to everyone that helped but it together!

The kids sang some christmas songs. Hannah was even getting involved.

Look at those cute kids. I probably should have drressed them a little more festive, but I was real busy tonight. Sorry kids:( You are still the cutest kids to me.

McKay's first Jazz Practice

McKay is not playing Jr. Jazz, they are just having practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They will teach them the fundamentals of basketball. I am very thankful for this program. I think it will be very helpful for our children.
McKay is trying to be aggressive. He is the one with the green shirt under his jerzy.

Look how cute he is!! He like being big like the High schoolers!

Our tree 2008

I have been feeling the pressure from a few people to put my tree up. So I finally did the other day and we finished decorating it today. Hannah and the other kids sure love it. I don't think we will be doing much other decorating. Our dad can only be stretched so thin.

Has my last name changed the "Roloff's"

If you have never seen the show on TLC called "Little People, Big World" you won't understand this post. It seems like her husband wants to remodel and then you are left in the mess. Ours was not by choice, but I have to keep my thoughts positive. This post is mainly for me to look back on and say,"we lived through that!"

My kitchen is slowly coming back together, I just know how that poor Amy Roloff feels. Your husband tries to do everything himself to save money (which I am truly thankful for my husbands abilitlies to do this.) But you just have piles everywhere and you don't know where to start. I want to dust then the saw starts and blows dust everywhere. I will be so HAPPY when it is over.

This is my new pantry, it still needs mudd, tape and texture. Then the shelves, finally the paint.

All the kitchen stuff is on one side of the kitchen so Trent can lay the rest of the floor. Since the cabinets are not in use, we are living out of Rubbermaid containers, which works good for Hannah and her getting her snacks.
This is my pretty room, yes I do have a tree up. I also have stacks everywhere. I really want a clean house but it will just have to wait. Yes those are my dining room chairs in the pretty room.