Monday, December 15, 2008

Cute Kid's

Last week the kids had a Secret Santa's Workshop at school. This is a fundraiser for the kids school, they can buy presents for their family and they bring them home wrapped.
So on Tuesday I sent ten dollars in the envelope for K'Leigh to get a present for her brother and her sister.
She got the presents and brought home the change. She was very excitted and was delighted with what she had gotten.
The next day I do the same for McKay. When I picked him up that day from school, I asked him what he got his sisters and he told me. Then I asked him if he had any change and he said no, I bought me this slime.
I laughed at the experience and just thought of the differences in my children. They are so fun to watch and they bring us so much JOY!


Autumn said...

I'm glad you posted this story! I laughed all over again! He is so funny!
Poor Black Eyed Willie!! :( Hope my girl is feeling better!

Brandi Jensen said...

Hey tanya!!! i hope you dont mind if i peek in on your blog. I hope her little eye gets better that is so sad. Chanley told me that he wanted to play with Mckay sometime we wil have to let them get together.

Joey and Jana said...

Hi Tanya, I just got your cute Christmas Card in the mail, That's a great family picture! And this is the funniest post... So cute!

I sent an invite to your blog to both your email and your blog address, so I hope atleast one of them will work, it should! Then you can come check us out!

Hope you guys have a great Christmas this year! Love ya! ~Jana

Tara said...

Such cute kids! Boys vs girls is always fun!

e-mail me at if you want an invite to my blog!