Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

This year our dad had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day night, so that left us at home enjoying the small and very close Christmas. We rode around on Christmas eve and looked at the lights, ate some good food and played games. We enjoyed it so much. The kids went to bed at a decent time and got up at a decent time.
K'Leigh got this digital camera from McKay and she loves it!
The hit of the day was K'Leigh's Ipod! It was so much fun to watch her with it and she has been very willing to share with her brother and sister!

McKay got a RipStick and he likes it. He also got a new DS game from his sister. He loves it so much!

Hannah got a new Barbie Jeep and a Pony! She was so happy all day!
Trent got a new Craftsman Shop Vac, that he has been wanting for a very long time!
This year I asked for something romantic that did not cost anything. So Trent sent me on a Scavenger Hunt, there were little clues that were coupons all over the house. At the end was some beautiful earrings and a braclet. So he cheated a little but I did not mind!!