Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

This year was a very busy Halloween, the kids went to school then we went to a trunk or treat. Then we hit a few of the local neighborhoods. The girls wanted to keep going so they went with the babysitters, Kaylee and Jackie. McKay and I went up to watch dad at the football game.
Hannah, McKay and K'Leigh
We all still had a great time and enjoyed everything we did.

Crazy Hair Day

For Red Ribbon week the kids got to do there hair Crazy. Well since we are such Blue and Crimson fans that is all the kids wanted there hair to be colored. We had fun and it was a great time had by all.
It just happened to be on Halloween and the night of a football game.
They thought it was weird to have funny colored hair!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Ward Party

Our ward had a great Halloween Carnival. The kids got to wear there costumes more than just once. Thank you to all that made the night a good success.
McKay becoming a "MUMMY"
The finished product!

The two cutest witches around!!

K'Leigh and Mckay showing off there costumes.

All the kids checking out their loot.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Painting Pumpkins

Since my kitchen was already a HUGE mess, due to the construction zone. I opted to paint pumpkins on the porch. Well before I could get the organization out Trent started. So if you come to my house and there is paint on my porch you are welcome to call me "white trash!"

Yes, I know that Hannah is naked and K'Leigh is wearing capri's. They are very strong willed spirits so I choose to pick my battles.

Look at this cute little pumpkin:)

Trent is always willing to involve everyone, so we invited the neighbor kids over to enjoy in our fun.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Senior Night

On the last regular scheduled game they have all the Senior Football players walk out onto the field with there parents. Then those Seniors present the Coaches and there wives with a flower and a treat. We were glad that our season was not over because we are North Sevier Football Fans all the way!!!
After the game and my camera was being funny, so not so great of a picture!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Romantic- Don't tell Trent

This year Trent wrote me a wonderful poem for our TEN year Anniversary.
He told me I could not let anyone see it, but if I don't but it in here then I will lose it and it will be forgotten.
Who would have thought?
Who would have thought
that we would make it ten years?
Through the great times.
and through the tears.
We have three beautiful kids,
and a great life.
Thank you so much
for being my wife.
You always put up
with me being away.
You stay home and work
while I go out and play.
You are always there
for the kids and me.
You pick us up
when we scrape our knee.
I love everything
about you.
From the first day we met
in my heart I knew.
Who would have thought
this love would last.
The first ten years
sure have gone by fast.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two Year Olds

We arrived home from Salt Lake and were unloading the car and dealing with the plumbing mess and thought the kids were just entertaining themselves. You should know by now Tanya if Hannah is quite you are in big trouble. This would be a brand new bottle of Destin all over everything. It would not come off the shirt, it took three washings and lots of stain remover to make it a play shirt.
This little girl is the "Bussiest little Bee,"
But were would we be without here, probably bored.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


My sister in laws found this wounderful play/theater act called "Thriller." They went last year and I was unable to go then, but I made sure I could go this year. It was very interesting and I really enjoyed it.
We made a complete Girls Night Out. We went to diner before and it was great food and fun to get dressed up and have somewhere fun to go.
Me, Autumn and Laura before the big production.

Bonnie and Jacci

After the program we went to Chili's for dessert and look who we ran into. They were so nice to take a picture with us.
Thanks Girls it was a very nice, and well needed night out for me.

Hannah's MRI

So we took Hannah to her two year old check up a little late. We found a wonderful Pediatrician and he found some reasons to be concerned about a birth mark on her tail bone and her lack of bowel movements. He suggested that it might be a tethered spinal cord or a form of Spina Bifida. I was never to concerned but the doctor suggested a MRI and since the only other way to tell was just watch and see, and if she could not walk one day then the damage was done and it is not reversabile. We decided to take the safer route. Since you have to keep completly still, the only place to go in Utah was Primary Children's and she had to get sedated. It was a long wait but we are glad that we had it done. This is her with her Dad not wanting the heating pad on her arm. She did very well with the IV though. She was a trooper.
This is her IV, the type of sedation medication they gave her lasted two hours. So we laid and watched her sleep and I got a nap. The reason I needed a nap was she would not sleep the night before in a hotel room. It was a very interesting trip.

Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Halliday and Auntie Autumn for helping with the older kids. You guys are always so willing to help!!

All is well she is completly fine and normal. We are thankful for such a cautious Doctor.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Muder at the Juice Joint

Last year for Halloween we had a Hallliday kid party, so this year we decided to have an adult Murder Mystery Dinner. Jacci and Corey hosted this lavish party and EVERYONE participated so well and it was so much fun. I had never done this kind of thing before but I sure loved it.
"Notorious Nick and Cindy Butt the Cigarate Girl"

Notorious Nick Cindy Butt the Cigarette Girl

The whole crew! It was SO much fun and I am so thankful for Jacci for all the time and preparing she did for this.
Thank you to Grandpa Mike for tending our wild children. Sorry Hannah was so naughty.
Love you all

A day at the ZOO:)

We had an extra day off from school, so we thought we would take Hannah to the Zoo for
the first time. She loved it.

We decided to bring along the cousins and Grandpa and Grandma. It was a lot of work but I thought we had a great time. Thanks for coming everyone!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grandpa Mike's 100th Day

Today was a very special day for our Grandpa and our family. He has reached his "BIG" day from his bone marrow transplant. We are so thankful and eternally grateful to Aunt Deann for her donation of her bone marrow.

Us Halliday's are always up for a Celebration!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Hurricane Halliday"

Trent had a game in Kanab, so I decided to go and watch. I left the kids home with a babysitter. We walked in the door at about two in the morning and found that our Pergo had bowed. Trent looked under the sink and our hot water pipe had broken. Oh No!! We had plans to go up to Salt Lake to get Hannah's MRI, so Trent fixed the pipe and we went on our way up North against all of Trent's wishes. We returned home to the water and the damage. So we called the insurance and thankfully they will cover it.
This is what I lived like for about five days while they brought in the dehumidifiers and dryers.
We all got a real bad colds and coughs that week and the doctors say that all of this was not hellping us any.
Another view of the tent and dryers!

Under the first layer of subfloor!!

Downstairs in my storage room!! Thank Goodness that was underneath and not a living room or something.

It went out through the outside walls also.