Saturday, January 31, 2009

Braydan's 30th Birthday

Tonight we went to a Poker Birthday party for one of our good friends Braydan! Trent was so excited to go of course. I was so worried because I have never played before. It was real fun to just go and hang out as adults.

The invitatiions made by his wife were so adorable.

Trent wanted to try to make this cake. He did a great job if you ask me!

I LOVE that my husband is not afraid to show his feminie side:)

I won an Ipod shuffle, I was so excited! I took fourth but everyone else already had one so I got it! Trent took fifth and he won a case of playing cards! Thanks Shaw's for such a fun and exciting night and the great grfts!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hannah and Agga

Hannah has had an imaginary friend for a couple of months now. Sometimes she will play with her dolls and call them that or it will just be no one their. We love it and are sure enjoying her imagination. I checked with the peditrician once again and he said it is very healthy and a good sign of a good imagination.
K'Leigh also had two imaginary friends named Lova and Decca she was not as into it as Hannah but it was still so cute.
I remember asking the doctor back then also if it was normal.

On this day her and all her dolls I think were playing singing time in nursery.
She has has so much fun with this and so have we.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Grandpa and Grandma Pulhams's Christmas Package

Today we got another unexpected suprise. McKay came home from school and saw a package on the porch and it wsas a package to the family for Christmas from my Dad and Step Mom (Wade and Laurie)
They got the kids the things they needed, socks, underwear and pajama's!
They loved them and thought they were great and so did I!

If the smile can't tell ya then I guess I should say she was excited about her Hello Kitty socks and DORA underwear.

McKay loves all of his big boy socks and his new stuff also.
Me and Trent got an American Express Gift Card and some New way nice Toewls.
It was a nice suprise and the things you never want to buy but you need.
Thank you, once again:)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The best Dinner at El Mexicano in History:)

All the girls getting together for one last dinner before she flies out!!!!
Diana Sorenson, Leslie Nielson and Mickey Christensen
These three ladies were the life of the party!!
All there old lady stories, it was so much fun and I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time.

Danyette, Heather Hallows, Bree Bastian and Me

Diana Sorenson, Kayla Nielson, Rochelle Horne and Amy Rosquist

Diana Sorenson, Leslie Nielson, Stephanie Bert and Mickey Christensen

Brittnie Memmott, Sandi Mason and Misty Shaw

Friday, January 9, 2009

When you get one of the best surprises in the WORLD!!

On this Friday night I was home alone the kids in bed, the lights all out and Trent at work.... Knock Knock.... Guess who it is? My very best friend since moving to Salina Danyette Gladwell. She has moved to Tennesse to encourage her husbands singing career. Her sister Misty another
great friend of mine and their mom flew her out to be here for her baby sisters baby shower on Saturday. Oh my gosh was I SO suprised and so thankful to all that made this possible. It is just what you need some times in life.
I usually never have any suprises because I usually will ask everyone and open presents and re wrap them. I truly like a suprise when I have no idea it is coming my way!!
Thanks again Misty and Mickey
I love you SO much Danyette and I am so proud to have such a strong friend in my life!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

McKay and his Best Buds at Jr. Jazz

Hunter Higgs, McKay and Burke Mickelsen
I hope these boys stay buds there whole lives they are just three good boys that love being BOYS together!!

McKay and the last day of Jr. Jazz

Today was McKays last day of Jr. Jazz. He loved it! I do not know if it is because of the fact that his best friends, Burke Mickelsen and Hunter Higgs were there. They are the three cuttest funnest kids around:)

They gave them awards and there very own basketball. It was quite the confidence builder!

Mckay is the 22 standing on his tippy toes and one of his friends is number 15!!
Good Job Boys

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Drum Roll....Please .. Happiness to Come

I have not waited and wanted something for so long in my whole life. Well at this time in my life it feels like that at least!
My new KITCHEN is everything I wanted and SO much more:)
This is a new Gadget that I have loved and really enjoyed !!
This is just the stove wall view

Lower on the sink side. SO much more space and thanks to my wonderful husband and his friend Eric Pratt we have a wonderful new pantry! SO MUCH SPACE!!

The stove side view
(Sorry I was so excited I forgot to clean up the dinner first!!)

The whole sink side.
(Thanks Mom and Dad Halliday for the new Dishwasher for the new kitchen)