Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Feast

This year for Thanksgiving we headed home to Blanding to see the baby. Great Grandma Norma baked all the proper food and hosted it all at her house. We had a great time and are thankful for all we have and our families. We love you all.

K'Leigh and Great Grandpa Jim

McKay and his drumstick!! He wanted it and I kept telling him, "No, you won't eat it all." So Great Grandma said he could have it and he ate it up quite nicely:)
Hannah, Uncle Hanson and Aunt Torri enjoying the feast!!
To top of a good feast, we held our baby Madden. Hannah sure loves her, she was not sure of all the time and attention she was getting. Hannah got herself up on my lap and tried to show me everything that she could to get my attention.


Autumn said...

I love that in every picture Hannah is trying to get down! She is a busy bee!!

Laura said...

Cute pictures! Hope to see you soon!

Amy B. said...

How fun to have thanksgiving with
grandma and grandpa. Looking at those pictures makes me miss everyone. I think me and my mom are the only ones who have not seen the baby. Remember yesterday when we had new babies. love ya

Bonnie said...

Cute pictures! Glad you could see the new peanut!!