Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We are so lucky to be blessed with a good ole case of pink eye. Hannah and McKay are the only victims so far. This is McKay's solution to not being able to play.

What happened was I told him he could not go outside and play after school with the other kids. I was in on my bed folding laundry and he came in to my room with this get up on. He also but on his snow gloves. The saddest thing is what he said when I asked him what he was doing with his motorcycle helmet and goggles on? (He has a brand new motorcycle that he got last year for his birthday that he will not ride, so I knew something was up?) He simply said," Now I won't get the other kids sick." He is my tender boy.
Need less to say he got to go in our back yard and play. We now are clorox wiping everything and anything hoping not to spread it any farther.


Autumn said...

Love this guy! He cracks me up!