Monday, September 10, 2007

Our Night on town!

Tonight was Jace's big night! He turned 5 today! Grandma and Grandpa Halliday invited us all out to Chuck-E-Cheese to help him celebrate! McKay, Jace and Garet. They had a great time and loved being together!
(Notice Hannah has to be right their in the middle of things)
Hannah and Maddie digging in on the food!
I think Maddie wants Hannah's food!

Hannah came up missing for a second! That's all it takes these days! This is where I found her.

K'Leigh and Camry had a great time. They enjoyed trying to get as many tickets as they could and then they seperated them in the end. They are such good friends!


Autumn said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for coming to the party! xoxo