Monday, May 19, 2008

Brody J Harwood

Brody J. Harwood
May 26,2004- May 14, 2008

This is the little guy that I have talked about on my blog before. He was born with Junes Syndrome and he was not given much time to live, but he lived a long and fought a hard life. I have learned so much from this little family they are so strong and they are a true inspiration to me and my family.
I want to share a poem that his Grandfather wrote, which is Trent's Chief.

The storms of life seem to visit us all,
and it don't really matter who we are.
Some storms are light, and just flurry on by,
and some shake us clear to the core.

Some storms come in so hard and fast,
we don't know it until they've gone by.
And some come in kind of slow, then they stay,
and all we can do is ask why.

And why do some folks have more storms than others?
It aint right and just seem fair.
Cause Brody, who's my Schubby buddy,
has certainly had more than his share.

Now I know God's a watchin', lookin' over us all,
but sometimes it just don't seem right.
A little boy like Brody, barely four years old,
just the thought of it makes my jaw tight.

Well I guess Brody must be special in God's eyes,
cause the storms of life are meant to make us tough.
And the storms that he and his family have seen,
Well they're almost more than enough, yet....

With each new storm that seems to enter his life,
Brody just keeps beating the odds.
I guess he hasn't fulfilled his full purpose in life,
he's not ready to return to the Gods.

So we'll hold our angel just as long as we can,
and we'd love him every single day.
And we'll fight the storms right there beside him,
just as long as he's willing to stay.

Greg Harwood


Bonnie said...

How sad, but I guess peaceful to know that he doesn't have to fight any more.

Amie said...

You are too sweet. Thank you guys for your friendship. You've helped us out so much through our journey and I really appreciate all you've done for our family. ((HUGS))

-Joss, Amie, Kaybri (and Angel Brody)

Autumn said...

Cute little least you know he is in a better place. His mom is amazing!