Thursday, May 29, 2008

The BEST day ever!!

Today Mike got his breathing tube out!! He can talk now. He said the worst thing in the world was that stupid tube! The other thing he said was you can not lock up someone that has been a cop for thirty years and not tell him what is going on. They had to restrain his hands so that he would not pull his tube out.
He also said that he would push the nurse button and they would come over the intercom and say do you need something?
That really made him mad because he could not tell them what he needed.

All is well now he got moved up to the Medical ICU and was eating ice chips when we left so I think we are Huntsman Bound shortly.


Autumn said...

Seriously the best day EVER! Go team!!!

Amie said...

That is great that he is doing so well. Hearing all your talk about the vent tubes and restraining his hands really makes me think of the dozens of times we had to do that with Brody. So in a small way, I can relate. Hopefully things will keep looking up. I know they will. :)