Monday, July 13, 2009

Our First Day Of Vacation

Today was our first full day her in Las Vegas. We awoke at 8:00 a.m. ( I know I thought we were on VACATION) and we got ready and headed down to the pool. We knew it was suppose to be 112 degrees and that if you were in the sun for 10 minutes that you could get a sunburn, at least that is what the news said. So off we went and what we found was heaven at least to us water lovers. We found four different pools, one was for 18 and up and all the others were
3 1/2 feet deep, which works good for me because my big kids can touch everywhere. The first one we went to had a little slide and a couple water falls. It was SO much fun. Then we adventured around to the others and found a beach front one that me and Hannah loved because she could play and not need to be held.
We met some people that had kids the same ages as mine so they played great all day together. I told Trent to take a picture of us and two of the kids just jumped right in the picture. It was nice to have kids to play with.
K'Leigh was a great helper, she would walk all around with Hannah and they loved playing together. McKay was his usual all boy self, he played good and met some nice kids.

My SWEET girls:)

I tried to take this picture right when we first got there. The SUN was blinding them and they were not very patient with me and my camera, they wanted to get into the WATER.
We stayed at the pool until around 2:00 and then went and ate lunch and took a little resty. Then Trent got home around 4:00p.m. and we went back for some more fun. We met back up with the friends we met and played at the pool until 7:00 p.m. when it closes. Then went back to the room and got dressed to eat. Then we decided that we were all tired so we would just eat somewhere in our hotel. We came back to the room and turned in for the night.
It was a long day, I LOVED it! This is exactly how I want the rest of our time here to go.

Just for journaling sake, I have to add that my little Hannah still has her imaginary friends. Agga and Janda. They are also with us on vacation and day by day it is getting more and more interesting. We have to take them EVERYWHERE with us. We have to feed them and take them with us to the restroom. If we forget them she makes K'Leigh call them on her "hand" phone and tell them to ride there "mycycle" (motorcycle) to meet us. We love this and we probably encourage it to much but she is so dang cute about it. She is the baby and we all eat her up and she loves it!


Marilyn said...

Lexi had an imaginary friend named Sammy. She played with him for 2 or 3 years. One day we left him at the store. When I found out I had to go back and get him.

Nan said...

My Rachel had imaginary friends, too, with unusual names. We loved it, too. I wish I would have written down all the different names of friends she had. I don't think she was as elaborate about it, though. Love how she has her sister call on the hand phone. Cute!