Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 2 of Our Vacation

Today we woke up and decided that we would try to stay in during the heat of the day. So we got ready and went to visit some stuff right by our hotel. We started out at the M&M Factory again, they have a little thing you walked through to see how they make M&M's and then you watch 3 D movie. They loved it. Then we went to the Coca Cola Factory, nothing much there.

We found a little food court that was normal price so we ate lunch there. Then off to see the Lions at the MGM Grand. They were out finally, this was our second or third time trying to see them. There was two trainers in the cage with them they were telling us all about them, so I will share the information with you. There is a total of 37 lions and there are 21 females and 16 males, they live twelve miles away from the strip on a personal ranch, they are not owned by the MGM. They give them a bath each morning and they use Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo, they alternate lions twice a day so they are only at the exhibt for about five hours at a time. We stayed at the exhibt for quite sometime. We enjoyed watching them interact with each other, one was trying to eat a rawhide bone and the other one was wanting to play. The one eating the bone jumped up and bite the other one on the tail. Needless to say we all got a kick out of that. The lion was not harmed!

We headed back to hotel and then we just went to our room and just chilled tell Trent got home. We then ventured down to the pool. It was nice and relaxing.

We then got dressed and drove down to the other end of the strip to watch the Treasure Island Show. The kids loved it and it was a nice time.

Waiting for the 3-D movie to start!!

Watching the lions take a drink.

Chewing on his Rawhide bone:)

Loving the exhibt! They did not want to leave!

On the bridge back to our hotel room.

Hannah is always hard to get to look at the camera, she is so busy watching everything else go on.

After an exhausting day. Are they not so cute? Ten minutes before this they were not SO cute!!

So Precious:)