Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stupid Snow Bank

Thursday January 31, 2008 Trent went to work at 4:00 p.m. I went about the nightly business and then I called him around five and said that dinner was ready. He then told me that he had wrecked his patrol car. I first asked the obvious,"if he was okay ?" He was fine but his precious Charger was not.
The story of how this happened is very funny. He was patrolling around at 4:15 and spotted a DOG that was running around so he was following it and then he met a snow bank.
He felt so bad! He loves his car and he hates to let people down.
I told him that things just happen!
Thanks honey for letting me post this!

It does not look that bad , but I guess the whole bumper has to come off. He was so mad he had just went and bought some wind shield wiper fluid and put it in it. Then this happens and puts a hole in the tank. Just his luck!!


Rochelle said...

So this is one of those times I would have been laughing hysterically. This is of course my diablolical side of me. I mean come on he met a snow bank. That is awesome! Oh too funny!

Autumn said...

Trent is a good sport for letting you post this! I love that he was chasing a dog! Funny!

Linda said...

Way to go Trent! You were just marking that car as yours!

Bonnie said...

That sucks! I feek for Trent. Big Red's already been initiated into the 'Wal-mart parking lot damage club' the first week I had her.

Bonnie said...

Sorry for the typo. Maddie is "helping" me.