Monday, February 4, 2008

Busiest little "BEE"

This would be liquid foundation.
I ran to the store and Trent was doing homework with K'Leigh. This is what happens when our baby is left unattended. She got into my makeup bag and done a number on my room.
She did put mascara on her eyes, I thought that was a impressive thing.
I did not think to take a picture of her, but I thought that this was good enough!!


Autumn said...

She learned from the pro! I love her!

Glass House said...
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Bonnie said...

I can totally relate. Last time I left Maddie with Jeff for an hour while I went to the gym, she climbed up on our kitchen table and "drank" Garet's full glass of bright red Kool-Aid. When I walked in the door, Maddie greeted me head to toe pink. Jeff was oblivious. I wish I had thought of taking pictures!! Hope it all cleaned up well!

Unknown said...

Layla loves wearing makeup too! Getting foundation everywhere is no fun! Did you get it all out?

Noelle said...

Hey Tanya! It's your favorite cousin! I found your blog and was so excited! Your little ones are so cute! Seems like I only see you guys once a year, at Easter! Hope you're all doing well.