Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rolling Easter Eggs

So we have started this new tradition last year... when we are all done with the coloring of eggs we will roll them down a hill! Last year we tried a hill that wasn't a very good one, so we found another one! We thought it was perfect! Well we parked the car and hiked and got to the top! Trent was caring Hannah so we were at the top waiting for them and McKay I guess thought he wanted to get down a little lower! He started to tumble and then he ran and ran then lost his footing and went head over hills about ten times! We thought for sure something was broken or cut! Trent ran down the hill, which he could not run straight so he ran side ways. He kept telling McKay to stay still but McKay got up and was real worried about his sunglasses, air soft gun and his new flip flops! Trent got to him and he seemed okay a little road rash and a stratches but all in all okay! AMAZING!
We have told some of our friends about it and they have said people have died on the hill..... they obviously were in a car or on a motorcycle. This is just to say how lucky we really are!
My cute llittle Angel boy said it was because he had gotten Baptized the day before and he had the Holy Ghost. I think that he is right and we had a little angel with us that day!

This is THE HILL from the top and yes that is McKay and Trent at the bottom!
I am such a bad mom but I had to take the picture!


Amber said...

Hey Tanya - it's your cousin Amber. I'm glad that your hubby is okay. Rollover accidents are always scary I think. I just have to tell you that I think your daughter looks just like you. It gives me flashbacks to when we were kids to see pictures of her! Hope you and your family are doing well! They are adorable.