Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday McKay "8"

On this day I want to name "8" wonderful things about McKay!
1. Very Tender

2. Talented

3. Loves his Best Friends Keaton and Anders- Playing anything afterschool!

4. Smart

5. Always has bumps and bruises

6. Loves to ride his Bike

7. Very helpful

8. Always smiling!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

New "Trickster" Bike

He had to have one with brakes on the handlebar's and the pedals could go backwards!

Sea Monkey's

New Tubes
Bike Lock

Scripture From G&G Halliday

Spongebob cake made by Dad

Hockey Gear From the Quarnberg's and the Shaw's

Bike Gear and Sidewalk chalk from the Rosquist's

Trickster motorcycle guy and a NS Wolf
from the Sorensen's
Opening Presents from G&G Lyman

Wood Burning Kit from G&G Lyman
Sleeping Bag from G&G Lyman


Mindy said...

Happy Birthday McKay...hope you had a great day!!

Linda said...

I love that boy... and you better watch out.... the girls are gonna love him, too!
Happy 8th Birthday MAC! We love you and are so happy you chose to be baptized!