Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st day of School

This year we are very excited about school. We have excellent teachers and the school got a remodel over the summer and it looks really nice. The kids have had a VERY eventful Summer and were very excited to go back to school and see all there school friends!

McKay is in 2nd Grade and his teacher is Mrs. T.Mason. I warned her about him and his social problem the first day and told her to keep me in touch... then down the hall we saw last years teacher and she informed us that she had warned his new teacher about him. It made me sad for awhile then I decided that he is just my social child and hopefully all will be well this year!
K'Leigh is in Fourth Grade this year and her teacher is Mrs. LaFevre. She was so excited to be in class and with all her friends!

McKay at his desk:) Is he not the most handsome guy ever?

K'Leigh my little ANgel.
Let's hope for a good and fun year for us all!


Linda said...

Aww... They look so cute! K'leigh looks so happy and cute hair! And don't let it make you feel bad about McKay... he is one of the funnest kids I know. He has a great spirit, and his "social" side is part of that! I can't believe another year is here!

Rochelle said...

We've got two weeks of summer still.

Rochelle said...

We've got two weeks of summer still.

Rochelle said...

We've got two weeks of summer still.

Amy Rosquist said...

The kids look very nice. Good idea getting the pictures at their desks. That is cute!

Rydgd said...

Cute kids! My second is "social" as well. He is in 6th at jr. high this year, so I didn't bother warning all seven teachers. We'll just let them find out on their own! :) Hope it's a great year!!

Amie said...

Cute pics! You just have the cutest little family!!
And don't worry about McKay being so "social". There are worse things than popularity ;)