Thursday, January 17, 2008

Words never to be Forgotten

My little handsome fellow was suppose to be a sleep, he came into my room and I was giving myself a pedicure and he asked, "What are you doing?" I simply stated, " Doing a pedicure on myself." I then told him,"Go to bed!"
The next day he came home right after school jumped up on my bed, took off his socks and said, "Mom will you give me a "panicure"?"
I just think that he is my boy through and through!!!

A couple nights later......

Now K'Leigh was not minding her dad and going to sleep. I was not home and he was getting ready to work out so he wanted her asleep. She came in one more time and her told her she would be grounded if he saw her again.
I got home and found this note on our bed,
"Dear Dad,
I Love you but you are being silly.
I can't understand you.
A Secret Family "Memar"

We see who has who around their fingers!!
It is so much fun to watch them grow and change, but SO hard to let go.

I love my kids so much and don't want to forget the little things.


Glass House said...

where do you get the cute layouts for your blog?

Autumn said...

Those were so cute! I can totally picture McKay wanting a "panicure"! Was he in his soft pants too? The girls look so cute with their big girl hair!

Bonnie said...

I think everyone deserves a good "panicure" every now and then!!

Amie said...

I love it! Kids are so cute and innocent. The cute things they say are priceless. And they definitely have us wrapped around their fingers. Occasionally they'll let us think we're in charge--if we're lucky. :)