Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love my Hubby!

This is the story of our early Saturday, May 8th 2010.....
Trent had a obligation to the Republican Party to attend the State Convention at the Salt Palace.
We had many children activities so I decide to stay back and take care of the children. He decided to get up early and leave, so he woke up at 5:00 am and went and got some gas and headed out! The ambulance pager went off, this is not usually on. It said there has been a rollover accident 2 miles north of Salina. I knew it was Trent so I called him and he answered and said he was okay just hanging upside down like spiderman because he couldn't get the seat bealt off! I told him I would be there shortly... believe it or not I was calm and not crying at all! I wrote the sleeping babies a note and left the phone to have them call me if they awoke. I grabbed me and him coats and drove out still no tears. I arrived and parked a little ways back, and still a little dark and then the adreniline hit... I started running and I couldn't keep up with my feet and as soon as I arrived at the car I think my legs still wanted to run and I tried to stop and tripped and fell! The ambulance was shortly behind me and they saw me fall! I got a few scratches and hurt my shoulder that already hurts sometimes so no biggie!
The amazing thing is that my husband was standing outside the car talking to Dispatch on the phone! He is CRAZY and I have known this for 12 years but really? The ambulance crew took him into the ambulance and checked him out and he seemed to be okay! Then they made me get in and calm down because I was no longer calm and patient! I was shaking and kind of losing it! I called Brian Nielson our really good friend and he headed out to the scene and helped us all out! He also helped Trent find a ride up to the Convention! He said he was fine and that he had to go! I was a little unsure of it but I thought if he isn't driving then it should be okay! He went and texted a little later that he had a headache and felt a little banged up! Imagine that!
ALL in ALL I just am very THANKFUL that he is okay and I am very grateful for the Lord watching out for our little family!
Thank you to all Police officers, Ambulance Crew, people passing by that stopped to help, The Johnsohn towing crew and last but not least Brian Nielson for his willingness to come to our aide
I LOVE my hubby so very much and so grateful for all that he does for our family! What a day to reflect on the things that matter most!

This is the seatbealt he had to cut!
The Drivers back wheel that now has a broken axle!

The driver side! (close up)

Driver side! (far away)

The hood!
It is a MIRACLE!
Oh and I should also mention this is his parents car that we have been borrowing and only using on occasion... SO SORRY Mike and Linda we LOVE you!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rolling Easter Eggs

So we have started this new tradition last year... when we are all done with the coloring of eggs we will roll them down a hill! Last year we tried a hill that wasn't a very good one, so we found another one! We thought it was perfect! Well we parked the car and hiked and got to the top! Trent was caring Hannah so we were at the top waiting for them and McKay I guess thought he wanted to get down a little lower! He started to tumble and then he ran and ran then lost his footing and went head over hills about ten times! We thought for sure something was broken or cut! Trent ran down the hill, which he could not run straight so he ran side ways. He kept telling McKay to stay still but McKay got up and was real worried about his sunglasses, air soft gun and his new flip flops! Trent got to him and he seemed okay a little road rash and a stratches but all in all okay! AMAZING!
We have told some of our friends about it and they have said people have died on the hill..... they obviously were in a car or on a motorcycle. This is just to say how lucky we really are!
My cute llittle Angel boy said it was because he had gotten Baptized the day before and he had the Holy Ghost. I think that he is right and we had a little angel with us that day!

This is THE HILL from the top and yes that is McKay and Trent at the bottom!
I am such a bad mom but I had to take the picture!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Coloring the Eggs

Today Torri and Madden got here! We played with the baby rabbits, I bought two white ones from IFA on Thursday. We played with them and enjoyed them and sent them on to Aunt Torri's Farm. We went to Richfield to get the food for the Baptism. Then right before baths we decided to color Easter Eggs. The kids had a great time and Madden was the funnest! She kept dropping the eggs in and laughing! Great Times had by all! I love having my family around me!

McKay always being the funny guy!

Aunt Torri and Madden
Dad and Hannah! She has to be naked or she would ruin clothes for sure!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday McKay "8"

On this day I want to name "8" wonderful things about McKay!
1. Very Tender

2. Talented

3. Loves his Best Friends Keaton and Anders- Playing anything afterschool!

4. Smart

5. Always has bumps and bruises

6. Loves to ride his Bike

7. Very helpful

8. Always smiling!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

New "Trickster" Bike

He had to have one with brakes on the handlebar's and the pedals could go backwards!

Sea Monkey's

New Tubes
Bike Lock

Scripture From G&G Halliday

Spongebob cake made by Dad

Hockey Gear From the Quarnberg's and the Shaw's

Bike Gear and Sidewalk chalk from the Rosquist's

Trickster motorcycle guy and a NS Wolf
from the Sorensen's
Opening Presents from G&G Lyman

Wood Burning Kit from G&G Lyman
Sleeping Bag from G&G Lyman

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Life sometimes passes you by way to fast! I am here to say that I honestly take moments for granted way to much! I can remember the day that I found out I was pregnant for the first, second and third time! Now I am quickly approaching the SPRING and that happens to bring BIRTHDAY'S at our house! It starts with McKay's on March 29, then Trent's April 13, then K'Leigh on April 17, Hannah's April 20th and mine is May 12th ! Really my kids are going to be 10,8 and 4! WOW! I am SO excited for the new FIRSTS but SO sad to leave the memories behind!

McKay is going to be Baptized this year and I am so thankful that he has this oppurtunity to have this done. I am also very sad! With K'Leigh it was different, we were both excited for our firsts. We loved doing everything for the first time! We both were just so excited there was no time to be sad! I was sad when she went to Kindergarten but we were so excited and anxious to see what it was all about there was no time for tears! My mom was with me the day that we took her to school and now I know why she was so emotional! She had been there three times before and she was sending her first grandchild on there way into the world! I am now looking back on the times that I have simply taken for granted and wishing I could have them back! I have no words to explain this emotional roller coaster I am on other than I wish I could have those days back to try to make better Memories!

All I can say now is that I am going to try my hardest to make each day more memorable than the last and to LOVE my children more!

I had a friend of mine take some pictures of Mckay for his Baptism and just thought I would post a few! She does an awesome job and it only took 15 minutes! It is nice when they are old enough to know that the faster they smile the faster they are done!

Jesse Pratt is the one that took these pics I have her contact info!

I have some very cute pictures of the girls they are on my phone. So I will down load them tomorrow and post them. I will just tell you that they are BEAUTIFUL girls!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jazz Game

It has been awhile since I posted and it has been bugging me so I wanted to take some time and post. The kids played Jr.Jazz this year and they get free Jazz tickets. Trent coached K'Leighs team and got me and him tickets also. We made a day of it, we went up early and ate lunch at Sizzler and then went site seeing a little bit. I will do a different post for that!

All of us at the game! It was a good time! This was the first time in a long time that Trent was able to join us on a field trip!

We walked in and look at what Hannah saw! She was the happiest little girl EVER! All she ever wanted was to see the BIG cheerleaders! It was HEAVEN in her eyes :)

Grandma and Grandpa Lyman got to join us! That was even more special!

K'Leigh and her Dad had a Great time!

The Boys are always wrestling!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st day of School

This year we are very excited about school. We have excellent teachers and the school got a remodel over the summer and it looks really nice. The kids have had a VERY eventful Summer and were very excited to go back to school and see all there school friends!

McKay is in 2nd Grade and his teacher is Mrs. T.Mason. I warned her about him and his social problem the first day and told her to keep me in touch... then down the hall we saw last years teacher and she informed us that she had warned his new teacher about him. It made me sad for awhile then I decided that he is just my social child and hopefully all will be well this year!
K'Leigh is in Fourth Grade this year and her teacher is Mrs. LaFevre. She was so excited to be in class and with all her friends!

McKay at his desk:) Is he not the most handsome guy ever?

K'Leigh my little ANgel.
Let's hope for a good and fun year for us all!